Sunday, August 17, 2008

Project Runway: Welcome to the Jungle

Blayne & Leanne...too casual for the challenge. There was also weirdness with the fit in the hip region; it made it look like there was a flat part of her hip about 3 feet long on either side. I think it was the slight volume where the shirt tucked in, combined with the relative tightness of the short. I never thought I would utter these words, but...I thought that the pants would have a touch of the pantaloon, slight puff before a band at the hem? And I was kind of looking forward to it. I don't know. I expected some volume instead of tightness on the pant. I thought the undershirt was very cool and that the COLOR from the waist up was rich! I liked the outfit overall for the most part but it didn't fit the challenge. I also thought this was too casual, maybe because the shorts are so fitted? I don't know. The tailoring on them was also really bad. I do agree that if they had some more volume, they would have looked dressier. The colors on top are sooooo pretty, but the bottoms are kind of dingy looking. It did have a weird fit and it wasn't flattering to her at all. This was just ok for me.
Suede & Terri...let's just take a moment to appreciate the excellence of Terri's shirt, which said "LA Face with an Oakland booty." That. Was. Awesome. I was not that shot in the ass with this, and I think the belt was most of the problem. I would have gone more to the side of darting in the waist area, because the belt just ruined the line of the shirt and obstructed its ability to move when they switched the position of the shoulders. That being said, they made a neat shirt from what I thought was a fabric doomed to 70s-scented failure. I do wonder if this is too casual, though...after all, Brooke Shields' character is an exec, no? I also got a kick out of her shirt, and right now, she's the only person who I really like. I think all of her clothes are funky and pretty and feminine, without being super girly and fluffy. Her designs are powerful and confident. While I don't think this is the best look for an executive, I do think it's really pretty. The print is cool and the shirt is super cool. Off the shoulder in an office - I don't think so. The belt is also troublesome, so yeah, I think that it would have been better off without it.
Daniel & Kelli...boy, what a trove of wenchiness THIS outfit uncovered, eh? From Kenley's mean laughter to the judges' collective hostility...whew. I think this just fell victim to the hazards of animal print and this model's complete lack of chest. This is the same one who modeled the vacuum bag and coffee filter dress and the amazing flatness of her chest was JUST as distracting that time. This dress really needed at least SOME boob action to sell it, and it wasn't happening. The dress had stylistic flaws in its own right (particularly that the bustier did not meet the skirt, which made it more slutty than sexy), but we've all seen the judges be sold on an outfit because the model rocked it out. The sad thing is that I LIKE this color combo - leopard, teal and black - but it's definitely one that needs to be handled with care, and I think with a poor pairing of designers like this one was it was destined to fail. Oh man, this is definitely a trainwreck. I thought her original idea was really cool, albeit really inappropriate for an office. Why were they trying to make Brooke look like a hooker? It didn't make any sense to me. I'm not really into animal prints, just because I think they really have the ability to make something look really trashy, but in this case I'm not so sure that's the problem. The entire thing was just a mess from start to finish. It looks sad and weird, and I kind of felt sorry for Kelli, but really - what was she thinking when she designed this? Lace and leopard print for an office?
Joe & Korto...well, she did take down some of the volume on the jacket, which seriously, thank God. That being said, it's still a LOT of volume and a LOT of ethnic wickety-whack. I liked the dress fine, but ONLY when it was standing still...WOW fit problems. When she stopped at the back of the runway, that was a MESS. I understand the use of the back cut out but it was poorly, poorly executed and messed up what could have been a perfectly nice (if a little bland) dress. I would have aufed this before Kelli's outfit to be honest with you. I liked the colors but it was poorly constructed. I think that Korto needs to edit her ethnic additions to her clothes. Can you see Brooke wearing this on the show, or can you see someone like Naomi Campbell in this? Brooke would look kind of silly. Also, the sleeves on this thing are ginormous! Jaysis, you carry a baby in each sleeve! I'm not a fan of the colors, but I did like the idea. The dress was simply and pretty, but yeah, construction issues abound. Also, Joe is turning out to be this season's queen. Kind of funny, no?
Kenley & Keith...I would have liked to see the skirt in a different color, or even multiple different colors so you could see the cool structure of it a little better. I wasn't really WILD about the print on top but overall the look was very pretty and feminine. The sleeves were neat too...we rewound and watched them several times and I thought that was cool as hell. Very innovative. Unfortunately, my appreciation of this was seriously whomped by the jerkiness of Kenley on the runway. I could also have lived without the neck scarf, but that's okay. This model is just so, so stunning. I really did not like this at all. The sleeves were really cool, but overall, I don't think this is such a hot look. The skirt is kind of boring, the print on the shirt isn't so great, and the neck scarf is unnecessary. Oh, and both designers of this piece are total pills. I really cannot believe how many people I dislike this season.
Jerell & Stella...I still find Jerell just annoying as shit, but I thought this look was great. I COVET the belt/obi. This picture does NO justice to the color. Great look. I don't know that the bodice is the BEST it could possibly be, but it works and I don't really take issue with it. I did find the GIANT bag to be quite overwhelming, but it's fine. I though Jerell really had the secrets to handling Stella. It reminded me of another pair and for the LIFE of me I cannot remember who it was, but it was one of the spacier PRers and a more stable one. The whole season (it wasn't last season...I feel like it may have been in Vincent's season), people just kind of left the weirdo to their own devices and prayed they didn't have to work with them, and then finally the inevitable happened. So, the weirdo was spacing out and kind of panicking, and the more stable person said something like "it's just like when you're a singer, and you pull from your center? You just have to pull from your center like that all the time, and it will all follow." and the weirdo was like "oh, okay," totally calmed down, and wandered off to be productive. It was this totally bizarre moment of "oh my God, she speaks her language" and it was magic, and it is KILLING me that I cannot remember who this was, but Jerell's management and collaboration with Stella totally reminded me of that. I thought this look should have won. I think if he made a jacket for this, there's no way they could have said no. I thought this was creative, pretty and fashion forward, and with a jacket, totally office appropriate. The belt is awesome, all the pieces work together and it's a complete LOOK. Jerrell is a pain in the ass, but yeah, he totally knew how to handle Stella and get the most out of her. Did the combo you're thinking of include Elisa from last season? I distinctly remember that whoever worked with her spoke alien to get her to be productive. Was it her and Sweet P?

(After some recon via TWoP, I have determined that it was Ricky talking to Elisa, from last season. Thanks to The Lucy for getting me on the right track!)

Moreover, WHEN DID STELLA GET SO DAMN PRETTY? I could NOT stop thinking about that this week! I think she must have laid off the eyeliner. But MAN, the camera would be on her and it was amazing! She's SO pretty, but the black hair brings out every teensy tiny wrinkle on her face, and the makeup is...well, you know. I just couldn't get over it. You know, I thought the same thing. There were a few times when they showed her where she just looked absolutely lovely.

While I have no particular love for Daniel, I did find it SO sad to watch his entire world collapse as his taste was questioned. He's clearly used to being the head Funky Stylish Guy in every room and group he's in, and you could tell that having aspersions cast on that status was just devastating to him. Now if he would just start showering then maybe I'd be on the road to liking him. Blech. I think he sucks. Like I said, the only person who I actually like is Terri. When she started that shit about Suede - "I don't know if he's packing balls or a va-jay-jay, but I don't have kids so no one is sucking on ma titties." FLOVE! She rocks. Everyone else is either gimmicky, boring or annoying.

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