Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fall Has Flung

I am working in a different part of the office this week, and thus can see that the trees in the back of the building are miraculously beginning to turn. Given the weirdness of this summer, with the endless rain and the messed up temperature gauge, and in anticipation of turning a new page of nerdiness with the new semester upon me, I am okay with summer making a graceful exit.

I am also okay with fall, because fall means BOOTS!

Akademiks "New World," which I own in brown. This would half of the "Apple Bottom jeans, boots with the fur" pairing that I own but promise never to combine.
Beautiful "Edwena" boot from Bandolino. I am just getting okay with flat boots.
Love the unusual zipper situation on this boot from Jean Paul Gaultier.
The Lucy boot from RSVP...just as fabulous as the real live The Lucy!
Marc by Marc that pop of blue!
The Emilio Pucci boots I've been coveting for the better part of a on sale from $1094 to $565! Unfortunately, only in a size 6. Damn, now what will I do with my spare $565? Seriously though, are these not the most fantastic thing you've ever seen? "I was like, 'Emilioooooooo!'"
This is maybe the tackiest shit I have ever seen. I HAVE to have it. When confronted with pirate hooker boots intended for use by the female minions/sex slaves of Goldfinger's younger brother Silverfinger, YOU BUY THEM.

1 comment:

  1. Those boots that carry my name are AMAZING!

    I would also wear the hell out of those silver ones.

    By the way, no matter how bad summer is, I'm always sad to see it go. Time to start getting ready for the shitshow that is winter.