Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One Example of Awesome, One Example of "Awesome"

First of all, in Josie's Awesome Friends news, former roommate Scarlett, whose actual name is Ashley Pontius, had her first on-air news appearance! After years of talking about getting on air by the time she hit 25, she went ahead and did it. Her first piece is on wedding flowers, for the local Amarillo, TX NBC syndicate, and you can watch it and all future Ashley News on CONGRATULATIONS, ASH! THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING ME TO BE AN INSUFFERABLE SNOT ABOUT HAVING LIVED WITH SOMEONE FAMOUS!

Now, while I was trying to WATCH this momentous news piece, Flyboy took it upon himself to do one of those things that simultaneously make me want to kill him and laugh until I can't breathe properly. I'd just accused Rich of being jealous that he didn't have any famous friends on TV when we heard the sound that is sheer horror to a cat owner's ears...the cat puke sound. We look around, and the little fuck is on the corner of the breakfast bar, assuming the position. As we watch, he projectile vomits, FROM A HEIGHT, onto my sneakers and narrowly missing a pair of red Nine West stilettoes.

I swear to God he does this shit on purpose.

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