Thursday, August 7, 2008

No Mere Mortal Can Resist

A while back on Manolo for the Brides there was a post on a wedding party that did the Thriller dance at their reception, so needless to say, I loved it. (Start practicing NOW, people. You don't want to be the only person not doing a zombie dance in formalwear.) As you have noticed by now, wedding stuff gets a weird reaction from me, generally along the lines of "oh that's a pretty wedding gowOH LOOK RUSSIA/BIRDS/SHOES," so give me a video of people Thrillering it up and I am in heaven.

In any case, School Friend Cindy sent me an article about wedding hilarity involving an out of control water skiier from the Onion, and was all "can this happen at your wedding?" I don't think she fully realizes how deranged my friends are, and the supernova that's pretty much guaranteed to occur when they are combined. So I said that of COURSE there could be hilarious water skiing hijinks, and then YouTubed up some wedding Thriller. Because YouTube is evil and wants me to piss away hours of my life watching movies, it suggested the Filipino prison Thriller dance thing. When I watched THAT, because I am susceptible to advertising, I saw that there were many MORE prison dancing videos, all of which I have now watched.

The deal is, this guy named Byron Garcia runs the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Centre in the Phillipines, and introduced these dance routines as a form of physical exercise. The BBC did an article on it here. Honestly, I really enjoy not only the basic entertainment of it all, but that Garcia really emphasizes positive development and rehabilitation, an objective I think is largely missing from the US prison system.

Really, what's not to love?

Now I want to go to prison.


  1. THIS is why we are friends. Upon seeing this video last year, my first reaction was, "I NEED to get arrested in the Philippines."

  2. [Shrek] Should I be worried that you'd like to be sent to a men's prison in the Philippines...