Sunday, August 24, 2008

In Lieu of Near-Black Lip Gloss Modelled By Someone With Different Skin Tone and Airbrushing

I finally snapped and went to order that near-black lip gloss/liner combo that Sephora's evil, evil marketing department put in their calendar and on their website, was sold out. However, I did go to get my nails done, and tried an adjacent color on my toes to see how it would jive with my skin tone. The color is OPI's Black Cherry Chutney, from their India collection.
Mom has Bastille My Heart on her toes, which I planned to copy, but I couldn't find it at the nail place. Pretty AND irreverent! Nothing says heart theft and romance novels like a notorious prison!

In any case, I like the Black Cherry Chutney on my toes, so I think I am willing to try superdark lips, but it looks like I'll be stalking Sephora for a while until it comes back in stock. I also enjoyed my pedicurist today. The place I had been going was fine, and pretty inexpensive, but the woman there only used a pumice stone on my feet instead of a callus shaver. For those of you not familiar with my feet (probably not many, given my affinity for shoelessness...thinking point: how does said affinity coexist with my shoe addiction?), they are extremely prone to callus and cracking. Rich frequently makes "hilarious" jokes about requiring an orbital sander to deal with them. Ha! Ha! In any case, many places shy away from using callus shavers, simply because of the liability involved with applying razor blades to people's skin, so it was no big deal with the previous place.

However, this lady started out with the faux pumice stone, stopped, felt my heel, then went into her pocket and pulled out a callus shaver. THAT'S MY GIRL! Good stuff.

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