Wednesday, August 6, 2008

PR: Episode 3, THANKS BRAVO FOR THE INFO know, I WANT to hate this more than I actually do...that being said, I hate it a fair amount. I realize this will make me sound completely schitzophrenic but if it was shorter I think it would help, and maybe more fitted in the black section. Even so, I am not a fan. Side note: You do NOT ask Tim Gunn if he has an appointment when he knocks on your door, you do not ask ANYONE if they have an appointment unless you use the awesome crazy janitor voice from The Terminal and you DO NOT TRICK TIM INTO SAYING HOLLA AT YA BOY! HE DOES NOT WANT TO HOLLA AT YOU. Well, it seems as though Blayne is kind of hooked on an 80s vibe. I don't think that's a bad thing, I just don't get it. I love neons and I love black but I don't love them together on this piece. It's not very fashionable or fashion forward. Oh yeah, and the question if Tim should change his catch phrase to HOLLA AT YA BOY was one of the most ridiculous things I ever saw. We all screamed NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO at the telly.
Daniel...okay? I get the inspiration and all, but how exactly does one make shiny gold material look this drab? Gross! I also think the waist is in a weird makes her look like there is a perfectly straight line from armpit to hem, and that is bizarre. Boring. YEEEECCCCCCCCHHHHHHHH. Hate. Hate. HATE.
Emily...for ages I have wondered, "what would happen if the 80s and a flamenco dancer mated?" Now I know! Also, did they even BRUSH this chick's hair? What exactly is going on here? Did they....dude did they photoshop in a part?! I am ALL thrown off now. In any case, this was weird and sad, which is kind of an accomplishment in and of itself when you're using beautiful sunsetty colors like that. I don't like the addition of the asymmetric sleeve and corresponding pink trim. It just makes everything more complicated, when what she SHOULD have done was readjusted the position of the ruffle. That being said, I'm glad she got aufed, because I HATED her little rat bangs. I think that the thing that really dammed this piece was the weird placement of the ruffle across her boobs. It just looks stupid. I agree that the pink trim and the one shoulder sleeve did not help her cause. I won't miss her and her insta-dork bangs. Good God, why pay someone to cut your bangs like that when you could have had a 4 year old do it for free?
Jennifer...opted for maternity wear. Seriously, what the hell was that? I actually don't mind the concept in general but I don't like how the middle...tier I guess poufs out like that. Unless you mean it to be a maternity outfit, which I don't think she does. Of course, we all know about my unhealthy obsession with navy, so maybe my judgment is off on this. I like the idea, just wish that middle section was not as it is! I think her whole problem was choosing a stupid clock for her inspiration. You're in NYC, ass. All you have to do is turn your head and find something cool. And if she says her style is Holly Golightly at a Dali exhibit one more time.... Seriously, we get it, and you fail.
Jerell...well this was startling, wasn't it?? You never expect the Ballgown Inquisition. Dress, dress, dress, dress, BAM GOWN. Something about where the ruffles start and how they are oriented does not sit well with me...this is very Dior SP07 couture of course, but ghetto style. I think if the ruffles had started smaller and were graduated as they went down that would help. I dunno. I like the colors though...much like Donna Karan's FA08 RTW collection which I was looking at the other day (I was looking for this amazing black and white dress that I saw on How To Look Good Naked AND WNTW, which I think is DK but cannot find)...lots of those nice jewel tones I like! I like that he kind of thought outside of the box for this's like an urban gown one might wear to the opera. I'm not in love with the color but I appreciate his creativity for this challenged. Very cool.
Joe...this doesn't really make me twist and shout exactly but I thought it was very cool and really made good work of transforming the inspiration of the light fixture. Perfectly cute, nice for someone who likes this neckline, which I do not. The strap around the neck is a little disconcerting for me. This is pretty boring, but I will say that it's figure flattering which is always a good thing. I said to Cindy, this item reminded me EXACTLY of a costume I made for Odyssey of the Mind in high school. In OM you do quick thinking extemporaneous challenges and one long challenge, which in our case was a play in which you had to have someone or something transform. We wrote a completely deranged play in which a scientist turned into a bird, and this is basically what the costume looked like, except with a bird head and giant foam feet. That all being said, we won third in the state that year so I'm not sure what that means. To be fair, I didn't hate this nearly as much as the judges did, and I think he did make good, creative use of his inspiration. Speed thought maybe he should have cut the fabric up and sewed it back together, which I think would also be cool but is probably too time consuming for this show. My main gripe with this piece is that it's formless and shapeless, of which I'm not a fan. I thought what he picked for inspiration was a little weird when he had so much cool stuff around him, but I guess for what he picked, this is all right. There's just too much white and not enough awesome. Hahahahaaha @ the giant bird.
Kelli...good God, what a puss. Oy. I think fashion wise this certainly fits a genre I'm not personally into, but I just can't get excited about it. I didn't really get how it related to the picture, either. I mean, she's taking a picture that's all smooth pipe and metal, but giving us raggedy texture. The skirt makes sense but the interest and POINT of the outfit is up top and that's where it all goes to hell. S&M wear. I don't even know what I think of this, all I know is that I'm not really a fan. Like you, I thought she was going to come up with a sleek, chic look. Then she did this.
Kenley...oh my God, the print. THE PRINT! It's just all so Boca. That being said, the construction is so, so cool, and I love the weird little pouffy thing (echoes of Valentino, but this would have been filmed pre-FW, no?) and the FABRIC on said pouffy thing...very cute. I just wish she'd gone for something orange based and less retirement community for the rest of it. I just can't make my brain stop obsessing over how much I dislike the fabric on the bulk of the dress. I absolutely HATED this dress, and I still can't believe it won. It's UGLY. The poof looks like a TUMOR GROWING OUT OF HER LEG. The print is worse than terrible. I appreciate her creativity but I don't see how this is young, or something that you'd want to wear out on the town.
Korto...bitch said what? I wonder where Korto is from, and if her geneology affects her design. I would be interested to know more about it, and particularly what her style has to do with PERPETUATING THE SCOURGE OF PANTSUITS. BORING pantsuits, no less. Like, at least Liberace that shit up or something, no? I'll admit that I've been digging on this neckline lately and almost bought a Ralph Lauren sweater with the same neckline on sale the other day but Christ on a stick, it's a BLACK PANTSUIT. Love the neckline, hate the rest of the outfit. This is super boring. Korto is also getting on my nerves.
Leanne...I thought this was cool as hell, and kind of want the skirt. I bet with some dedication (read: swearing) I could make it. With all my free time. That I have in abundance. Anyway, I thought the skirt was both awesome on its own merits and a great interpretation of the picture. I also appreciate that she did a basic shirt and let the skirt do the talking instead of overdesigning. Minor quibble: I would have chosen a silvertone necklace. I really loved this one, and loved how she made the little swoopy pieces of fabric work for her this week. I thought this should have been the winner, because it's classy with an edge, completely age appropriate and stylish. It's just so pretty, and the model looks pretty and I'm looking at her, not the tumor growing out of her leg.
Stella...when this came out I just looked at Speed and said "she just designs whatever the hell she wants, no matter the challenge." I was one LEATHAH comment away from finding a flux capacitor and going back to filming to smack the obnoxious off her. WE GET IT lady, you like leather. It amazes me that there is a competitor on this season who does not appear to understand how this show works. You're gonna have to do a bunch of different crap, you're not going to be able to work in your style all the time, and it's going to be hard. ADAPT. This is...fine I guess? It has nothing to do with the challenge or even her picture but it is what it is, i.e. the work of a designer who has no place on this show and is still on only by having the sheer luck to be on a show that featured a tribute to American Psycho and some heinous fabric issues. Yeah, whatever. This is fine. I wouldn't wear it but maybe if she made me a purse from the top I'd like it much more. Stella is also getting on my nerves.
Suede...I can go to Baby Phat's website right now and buy this dress. It'll probably have a foiled cat on it but I can buy this same dress. Lame. Meh. Nothing special, although I do like the fabric.
Terri...everyone in the world except me appears to get this, and the judges were all "eeee I want to be her friend!" but to me this is less "everyone wants to be that girl" and more "golden girl." I don't know why I'm so obsessed with the AARP demo today but this print and the one on Kenley's dress just went RIGHT up my ass and I cannot deal on any level. Speed decided to get OUTRAGED about the fact that this required pants to be worn? He is lucky is not a woman and thus does not have to deal with this kind of tomfoolery on a regular basis. I actually thought the print was reminiscent of Water Lilies by Monet. It's pretty, and I like that she also stepped outside of the box and did something different than everyone expected. I like the pants under the sheer top and I think this look is fun and something that can be rocked the hell out. The whole point of getting dressed to go out in NYC is to do something different, and this definitely fits the bill.

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