Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Friends Love Me

Last semester, School Friend Cindy found a comic strip for me that she lovingly cut out and presented to me with a stately flourish at our regular Tea Date in Charlie's. Since then - "then" of course referring to a day roughly 10 months ago - I have been carrying it around in my planner with the intent of scanning it to share with the world. I probably could have accomplished the same end by using the magic of the Internet to just find the damn thing online but then it wouldn't provide an opportunity for you all to shake your heads, let out a low chuckle, and say "Oh Josie, you with your incompetence."

See what I just did for you there? I am so damn GIVING I can hardly stand it myself.

In any case, the strip in question was one of the many prime examples of Quaker humor. I present to you, in all its glory, the strip that you probably saw in the paper when it was still snowing outside and that School Friend Cindy so thoughtfully clipped out for her Lone Quaker Friend.

*Quaker jazz hands*

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