Thursday, September 18, 2008


Scene: Chapel of the Holy Spirit, Assumption College, Worcester, MA. The crucified Jesus hangs suspended over the altar, flanked by the gorgeous organ pipes. The sopranos are called to the front of the nave.

Josie: *makes a "snap...pull" motion*
Cindy: I love when you do things like that.
Josie: You mean black people things?, yes.
Josie: It's okay, Jesus says it's okay. He told me.

Celia sent me a link to an article about idiots at the FAA talking about expanding O'Hare and Midway even more, or even adding a third airport to the area to meet increasing demand. I have the following comment.
It just amazes me because like...TEXAS
Has tons of space, right
But you know what Texas does not have?

Also, the mere mention of an O'Hare expansion strikes terror into my very soul. Listen people, eventually, travelers are going to STOP ESCAPING FROM O'HARE if you keep this shit up. I am STILL getting over the time I flew United out of there via a waiting area with four gates off of it, each gate loading two planes. Did I mention that the big, beautiful flat screens were broken and thus displaying information about flights that had left eons ago?

Apropos of more or less nothing:

Josie: WOW
Josie: Cindy
Josie: We have to go to Baltimore
Josie: *links to image below*
Cindy: "we have to go to Baltimore"
Cindy: that is NOT belize
Josie: I know
Josie: That being said, it does have that amazing stained glass, a.)
Cindy: we have to go Baltimore...for a stained glass window....
Josie: b.) it is actually a pretty neat town
Josie: c.) it has camden yards
Josie: and d.) there were really nice homeless people there who helped me get home when Greyhound thought Annapolis and Baltimore were the same and I was stuck in the city in full formal wear
It IS amazing though, right?


  1. A couple of things:

    1) That stained glass is beautiful.
    2) I avoid O'Hare like the plague.
    3) Between the two of us, we have too many stories of being stuck in various locations between Annapolis, Baltimore, and DC in formalwear. Didn't we talk about the transportation bermuda triangle that is DC/Baltimore last week?
    4) Finally, Camden Yards makes me smile. Especially since they play John Denver.

    That is all.

  2. Oh. And. "Black people things?" Ok, CJ. You are insane.