Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Am Who I Am Who I Am

If one more person a.) uses the phrase "tax and spend Democrats" with a silent "so don't elect any of them because they will come to your house and steal your shit" or b.) vomits rhetoric about how Democrats just want to blow money and socialize the shit out of everything, I am going to punch them directly in the face.

I don't know what I am anymore. I love Jim McGovern but hate John Kerry. I think Bush is an absolute idiot and a horrible diplomat but I believe deep in my heart that he believes he is doing what is right for America, and moreover that he loves it more than maybe anything else in the world. I hate that the Democratic party has been taken over by disparate and warring interest groups, but won't vote Republican because they've been taken over by repulsive NeoCons. I hate the xenophobia and the dickswinging, but I still get teary over the National Anthem. I hate that my age bracket can't unplug their earbuds long enough to vote, I am grossed out that the older generations have given up and settled for talking shit about how Those Damn Kids don't care about anything, and the less said about vast swaths of the younger populations, the better.

Let me be perfectly clear.

I believe that no one should go into the twilight of their years homeless or hungry. I do not believe that this means a Benz and a beach house in Boca. I believe that healthy people up the economy and benefit the general morale of our country. I believe that businesses fail sometimes and that they must be allowed to. I believe that we were once a nation of critical thinkers and that we have lost that most essential quality.

I want to stop hearing about haircuts and clothing and superficial nothings that have nothing to do with a candidate's policies. I want to know what people think about the economy. I want to know which social programs are good, which are bad, and which need serious rehabbing. I want to know what their game plan for the War in Iraq is and how they plan to catch up with Osama bin Laden. I want to know how they are going to fix the mess that No Child Left Behind made. I want to know how they think about the Supreme Court and whether they can leave politics out of appointments. I want to know all these things and honestly, I only truly, truly know, in any kind of depth, about a couple of them, and that's after significant digging through the media.

I want a true conservative to vote for, and I want a rational liberal to vote for. I want the Democratic Party to be razed to the ground and rebuilt by Jim McGovern and crazy ass James Carville, with a coherent platform and one SIXTEENTH of the now-typical public bickering and selfish behavior. I want the Republican party to stop being so creepy and gross and get back to their actual conservative roots. I want MORE from my politicians and from my government.

I want more for everyone.

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  1. I believe your final paragraph pretty much summed it up for me.