Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Assorted Greatness

Several items in the Friends Being Awesome Department...
  • Bridesmaid and Russian Lit Buddy Celia has taken a job as a swim coach out in Washington state, where she lives. Some of you may know that C was a big swimmer throughout high school and into college, and secretly loves swimming with a totally stupid love even during the periods when she tries to convince herself she doesn't care. She recently was featured in an article about the team in the North Kitsap Herald.
  • Noted Baltimore Orioles Fan (oh and PS also an Ibn Khaldun Chair Research Fellow at AU's School of International Service) Frankie has embarked on a year long research trip to study post-9/11 Muslim life in America along with Prof. Akbar Ahmed and several other folks our age. He says he'll probably be coming to the Massachusetts/Boston/Harvard area at some point this fall, at which point I will likely attempt to stow away in his luggage. (Sorry in advance, Frankie. It's the jealousy, you see.) The trip is being called "Journey Into America" and they recently fired up a blog to record their progress and their thoughts.
  • Dad was in Worcester Magazine! It wasn't really that thrilling, since he wasn't quoted and his BRAND SHINY NEW SUPERAWESOME AND EXTREMELY GREAT AIR TAXI SERVICE, SKYLINE, was only mentioned vaguely, but they did include a photo of him pulling N2242Y out of the hangar in the article about how the airport is problematic. As fate would have it, the issue hit news stands the very day before the announcement that DirectAir would begin service to Florida from ORH. Hope it all works out! (NB: I don't know if I have mentioned this, but there is an excellent local blog about the airport that is worth reading called FlyORH. The author excels at applying a certain common sense that tends to be absent in most public discussion about the airport.)

It is worth noting that I found out about this picture because Rich happened to read WoMag and pointed it out. I immediately called Dad to ask for the Skyline media director so I could request being put on the list for press releases, to which his response was "oh, they used that [picture]?" I can only imagine what the hell he thought they were taking the picture for. I would also like to point out that this kind of weird lapse in ability to gauge the importance of information happens ALL THE TIME.


  1. Aww, I'm famous, now. And also, thank you for not mentioning me after Frankie, or I would've just sounded "special." (Well, maybe I do anyway for getting sucked back into an admittedly insane sport over and over and over again.) Btw, Yay Frankie! That is so freaking cool, but now I realize that I have just wasted my 20's.

    And, Your dad is so cool. Who cares if they quoted him or not?

  2. Wasted your twenties having two children with the man you frickin' love, you mean.

  3. Right. That. Love you, honey. :P

    Self-corrected statement: I didn't waste my 20's. Frankie's just superhuman.