Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bryant Park Collections: Rami Kashou

My comments in regular green, The Lucy's comments in white.
I love this color. I thought this was just so pretty, even though Rami loves his asymmetrical stuff and I am not so much in love. However, I think the overall prettiness of this dress overcomes the vaguely irritating collar business. I am also just noticing the AWESOME shoes and cuff. I can deal with this dress...it's not so draped and asymmetrical that it distorts the body, which is the general problem I have with Rami's stuff. The collar doesn't really bother me because it's subtle and it's not very noticeable at first look because the waistline is so fantastic. Pretty color and styled well, so I dig it.
I thought this was a REALLY cool jacket and kind of wanted the whole thing. This blue is so funny because on its own, it's lovely, but in conjunction with the rest of his collection it just starts feeling...dingy maybe? But on its own I just think this suit rocks and the jacket is so unusual and cool. Well, we all know the issues I have with suits and I must say that I'd wear the hell out of this. I love it and wish all suits were as awesome and creative as this one.

Two things: one, why would you use a picture of this with the coat on, and two, why would you MAKE said coat? I thought this dress was just so fantastic...maybe the best effect he's achieved with all his draping business. The fabric was awesome, the neckline was SUPER cool, and the draping/twisting/whatever really made it. This was probably the coolest draping he's done, I do agree. Too bad we can't see it. The coat is unfortunate for a million reasons.
I like the concept of this, with the red pants and the kicky bag and what have you, but the boobal area bothers me. I mean, this chick barely HAS boobs and this shirt is saying "here are my boobs, and they are saggy." I know this is kind of a thing, style wise, but ugh, no thanks. I'd even sign on for the sleeves if the bodice was different. Another unfortunate piece. I totally hate the blouse...it makes her look like a tank! It's not even remotely flattering. The pants are kind of weirdly fitted too. I like the concept but the execution was not good at all.
Fine, and of course you won't catch me picking a fight with this red, but since it's in the same collection as that blue dress, it really pales in comparison. I think the structure of the blue dress is really necessary to work with that sleeve. I mean, this is cute? But not as awesome as the other stuff. Definitely cute, the color is great and the styling is good. Nothing spectacular though.
I think the black/red look is a little too sternly French Revolution for me, but the skirt is super cute with the little ruffly pleaty hem. I think the shirt is neat too but I would pair it with something else. I like this look, and I actually like the 2 pieces together because they are so French Revolution. It's super dramatic.
Give me 40 minutes and I'll go to the mall, buy this, and come back. It's fine, and clearly well made, it's just not very exciting, plus it's in that aggressive red/black palette. Meh. Boring.

Aaaaaand this is where we go from "sorta questionable" color pallette to "ew." I really think if he had gotten his colors together he REALLY would have made it a hard decision for the judges. I actually kind of love the actual design of this though, and kind of want it, in a different color, of course. I think the decision to use the quilting is really interesting, and the whole look is pretty cool, even with the one shouldered aspect which we know I hate. The color totally ruins this. I like the quilting on this a lot and from the waist up it's awesome. From the waist down though, it's not so good. I'm an not a fan of the pants at all.
So, how do we like the weirdness of this picture? It looks like there's a miniskirt and leggings situation involved, but I'm 99.99% sure that's not the case. Again, crappy (kind of literally, unfortunately) color, paired with cool design. If he had just had the bodice all woven, it would be a cool, pretty unique piece, but with the drapey piece pulled through it all, it's really kind of spectacular. This look is crazy awesome. I HATE the color though. WTF RAMI? In a different color this dress is museum quality art.
This started out just not doing anything for me. Then about midway down the runway, I realized that the one-psuedo-bejodhpured thing was on purpose, and I started feeling vaguely violent. Listen, we all love us some English riding outfits, but the undeniable fact remains that jodhpurs (along with any unholy VARIANT of thigh pocketry) only really ever work with riding boots. I SPEAK FACTS. Now when I saw this all I kept hearing in my mind was a cross between "TOGA TOGA TOGA" and "why is there a stupid pocket thing on the front of that dress." Oh Rami.
This should have been his final dress, period the end. WOW. I don't know that I am ready to personally sign on for shoulder ornamentation of this variety, but the overall effect is just amazing. Plus, knowing the work that had to have gone into it - didn't he say it was all strips of lace? - just amplifies the admiration I have for it. I think this is the clearest example of the celebration of the female form that he talked about in his introduction...every single aspect of this just says "women. are. fabulous." Ok, I am all about this. It's lovely, flattering and exquisite. I do dig the shoulders because I think they make this look very regal. I would KILL to wear this. I was actually looking for a wedding gown like this with the mermaid bottom, but my very ample bottom would have made me look awful so I backed off. But yeah, if I were a size 2, I'd want this.
I still think this is very cool, even if I think the gold lace dress should have been the last piece. The hip pieces STILL don't bother me. What EVER, Michael Kors. (And in other WhatEVER Michael Kors News: leg shine. WhatEVER, and also WTF?) The detail going into his work is really amazing. I'm a sucker for cool texture, so even though I don't like the bodice on this (what's with the enshortening bodice trend??), overall it's cool so I'm down with it. Dramatic and pretty, even though I hate the hip things because they would make anyone with a curvy body look tankalicious. I do agree that the lace dress should have been last but Rami does what Rami wants.

Now, in relation to that product, I have to admit that I'm not totally against it. Being pure white has always been an issue for me, and I hate wearing skirts or dresses with bare legs because of said paleness. Seriously, I go out in the sun and I burn up in about 15 minutes. I have done the self tanning thing and it's a pain in the ass but when it works, it's worth it. I don't know why Mr. Kors would be doing a product like that though. It doesn't make much sense.

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