Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bryant Park Collections: Christian Siriano

My theory is that this shirt is paint. No? Okay, maybe not, but one thing is for sure...this really demonstrates just how intuitively Christian understands texture. The balance of the shiny/smooth shirt, the feathery shirt, and the ruffly skirt is really amazing, and to get this much personality out of an all black outfit is no mean feat. (The boots remind me of my (our? Did you get those?) Steve Madden Chapp booties, if they mated with Balenciaga. Makes me hope that if I leave my Chapps in a closet un-pestered, maybe they will asexually produce some of those Balenciaga lego shoes. OR some of these Lacroix for La Redoute babies, similar in their legoness. Of course, neither the Balenciaga nor Lacroix resemble Christian's shoes but I think we have all long since accepted that my ADD cannot be contained and thus expect these kinds of detours.) I think that Christian's greatest strength is that he does understand how different fabrics work together, and he's almost like Uli was with her prints...it's always a pretty spectacular result. This look is really moving. It elicits a response and it's a damn good one. Wasn't this the girl who complained about the boots. I like them, but I didn't have to walk in them. I never did get those boots, by the way. The auction went through the roof and I couldn't get them. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed.Ohhh cool cool cool. This is just the beginning of Christian's "bizarrely wearable" stuff. The pants are magic (Death is Not an Option, Amazing Skinny Pant Designer Edition: Jeffrey Sebelia or Christian Siriano?) and look great with the booties. I also COVET the gloves, because every year I try finding super-fitted gloves and fail in a dramatic and whiny fashion. The COAT is just fascinating...the shape is great, and the varied textures with the sheer elbows and leather obi-ish belt are really fantastic. Very bland brocadey fabric made into magic, plus great hat. (PS - I have decided that the fedora I linked you to is going to happen with my tax rebate. I may disagree with the concept but I'm not dumb enough to kick free money out of bed!) This is where I wish we saw a little bit of color. While I agree with you on all of your points, I wish there was something here to kind of pop or dance. It's really hard to tell in the picture but I'm sure that the textures were much more obvious in person. Yay fedora! It'll look pretty fab on you, for sure!
Another great coat, more great pants...not 100% ready for the silver zipper on the fly, but otherwise great. I also think that this neck ruffle is probably what I SHOULD buy/wear, even though I WANT the insane cream colored one that eats faces. Ah, dilemmas. This is kind of repetitive. Pretty but kind of boring after seeing something just like it.
This was the one sour note for me...it's not BAD, but I find it pretty boring and either very sci fi or else the property of a goth dental hygenist. I mean, it all fits well and is beautifully made, but it doesn't seem to fit with the glamour of the rest of the collection. Once again, pretty repetitive, really boring. What the hell was he thinking?
COOL. The man knows how to work a puffy sleeve. A hundred million billion points for that alone. I am really digging on these assorted funky neck details. I would like to see this one up close, since it's tough to see exactly what's at work...there's ruffle, but also other shapes? La la la, love the sleeves in the sheer fabric. My gripe is that this is waaaaay too repetitive again. Black jacket, black pants. I don't get it.
Ah, fabulous! The movement on this rocked. Of course, if I wore this, it would be trouble, but MAN is it cool. Plus, another fabulous hat!! It is decided, I'm buying more hats. EBay, ahoy! This also disappointed me because he basically did the same thing for his last challenge! While his unique pieces in this collection were my favorites out of all the collections, I found it really troublesome that he kept repeating himself in his designs. I do love the coat but I already saw it before.
It's probably wrong that I want this, but I don't care. The heart wants what it wants. Now, to figure out how to construct an airy, amazing, INSANE giant face eating neck ruffle in time for next fall/winter. I'm on it! It actually looks like there is a very cool jacket involved here, which I am just noticing since of course the hat/ruffle combo are the highlight, but it really is a great balance of flamboyance and structure. I adored this look. Well, I want this too. This is my all time favorite PR piece. It's so insanely gorgeous I can't stand it. I swear when I saw this my heart stopped. Really creative, lovely and feminine. Bravo!
Cool shirt, cool hat...again with a weird silvery zipper on the fly. Por que, Christian?? I would totally wear this to work, although likely mid-way through the day I would snap and color the zipper black with a Sharpie. Life is not perfect. Still! Fantastico. The shirt is awesome, the pants are boring. Still pretty though.
I felt like THIS was a bit costumey in a bad way. The jeans are magic and I love the hat, but the shirt is giving me issues. I THINK I like whatever is going on with the cream undershirtish thing, but the over-shirt is more Robin Hood than I am personally prepared to deal with. I think if he'd scrapped the over-shirt this would rock socks, but as it is I have some issues with it. I also thought this one was a little too Robin Hood for its own good. Where could anyone wear this without being laughed at? Too weird.
Co. Vet. Boots. Do I need them? Not on your life, but I DO NOT CARE. The shirt is amazing...the detail is just amazing! It's cool how he also worked in the feathers from the amazing final dress, really creating that continuity. Oh this is fantastic. The entire look is really awesome and I would shank you for the boots.
I really fixate on the BELT (of all things), just because it says so much about his eye for detail. It fades in the SAME WAY. Love it. I love this technique of his of - I think? - the zillions of vertical strips of fabric. What an amazing, innovative effect. Love it. That being said...I hated the styling on this model from the neck up. I'm not really in love with her face to begin with but the hair is just gross looking. I so want this dress! I absolutely loved this look too. It's just so freakin' cool. I didn't even look at her face or her hair until now but yeah, not too good. Fanfrickentastic.

Okay I have a question - is this model barefoot? Because she might be. It could also just be this picture but still! This was just amazing...I don't even know what to say about it. The fluidity of the switch from cloth to feathers, and the way he used the different types of feathers...ah, me. Still not sure about the little hatlet, but really, who the hell am I to say ANYTHING against this? NO ONE, that's who. Cool, innovative, fantastic. Super creative, inspiring and moving. I think that about says it all.

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