Sunday, April 6, 2008


This morning, I popped open the laptop and couldn't get to the Internet. OH HEAVENS TO BETSY! So I went to Meeting, went to Starbucks with the Momster, went to the Craft Center with the Momster, and then went to the Sharks game with the Speedster. Where they won. By playing well, not because the other team sucked. I was startled also. So then we came home, and WOE IS ME still no Intarwebz. We also got DirectTV the other day and it sucks the bag, so it's not a great time in the Land of Technology at Josie and Speed's House. Speed, because he is awesome, got on the horn with the Verizon lady and figured out what was going on.

Time out for a tangent.

I use my laptop while sitting on the couch. The cat has discovered that the laptop is warm, and thus usually comes over and parks himself next to the computer, then spends the next block of time oozing himself onto the keyboard, doing things like restarting my game, typing things like"qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqeeeewww" into the web browser, and hitting F1 for Help on every program in the world in the process. End tangent.

So, Speed and the Verizon Lady figured out that the cat, in his demented little variety of genius, managed to DISABLE MY WIRELESS RECEIVER, which requires holding down the "function" button while pressing the F2 key, which doubles as the "Wireless on/off" button.

I fucking DARE you to tell me he doesn't do this shit on purpose.

So that happened, and that was great. This weekend's hockey was exciting, with decent play and a shootout-defusing overtime goal, a trip to Manchester yesterday in which we lost but there was an awesome freaking fight, and then tonight we won in a great game and for added warm fuzzies, Riley Armstrong shaved his head to donate to Locks of Love, along with a BUNCH of fans, which I thought was really cool (not all of them had to shave their heads to donate, but that doesn't make it any less awesome). I recently cut my hair for the sake of having a cute short hairdo before I start growing it out for wedding styling purposes (realistically, I can probably get another short cut in, but we'll see...motivation is key), but those folks inspired me to a.) get in a donation pre-wedding if I can and b.) definitely lop it off post-wedding and donate. I mean, it's a renewable resource, why not?

The great fight this weekend was between a new kid and Manchester's big bruiser, Westgarth. There have been several new kids in town, notably Jones, Wishart, Zalewski, MacDonald, McGinn and McLaren (I didn't realize how many were Micks and Macks until right now). They all show promise, as far as I'm concerned, but boy, I really liked McLaren's contribution. The game wasn't going well on Saturday, but as Speed noted, when the Sharks got down to 3-0, McLaren properly identified it as a good time to try something new to shake things up and get people fired up, so he picked Westgarth and dropped the gloves. I checked the numbers on both combatants and my first thought was "oh shit, this poor kid's going to find out what it's like to have his face backwards," since Westgarth is a pretty serious badass. Physically it wasn't hugely drastic...they're both big boys, but McLaren's definitely got a touch of lankiness. But he got a good grip on Westgarth's shirt, and just started whaling on him...he even got a couple of Brennan Evans style punch-with-the-jersey-holding-fist shots in. At one point, he lost an elbow guard, too, and I thought for SURE that Westgarth was going to recover and whomp him while he was divesting himself of that, but he didn't, and finally, Westgarth realized he wasn't going to win this one and went for McLaren's knees to take him down.

Needless to say, all the Manchester fans took this as a won fight...whatever lets you sleep at night, you whiny bitches.

Finally, yeah I totally LOLCatted myself but frankly I find it hilarious and if you don't then tough shit.

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