Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Fail Continues

Pretty much the entire time we've been engaged, I've felt like I have been completely failing at being a bride. First of all, I haven't garrotted anyone with a color-coordinated ribbon or thrown an epic tantrum that resulted in the firing of multiple bridesmaids and the severance of family relations. Society teaches me that I am not only entitled to this kind of behavior but in fact am doing something wrong if I don't engage in it. So I'm bad at that. I also am thrilled to PIECES that we have booked our location and in so doing completed about eighty percent of the planning over a year ahead of the actual wedding. I don't really want to fuss over little ribbons to put on the invitations or whether to put chair covers on the seats at the reception...I want to make sure there is enough beer. One has to have priorities.

I can also see some impending ruination on the horizon, that being the creation of a registry. Speed and I horrified our families relatively early on in the relationship by buying a house, which meant we then had two of everything...sets of silverware, place settings, etc. If it was up to me, I wouldn't even bother with a registry, simply because we have so much crap, but I KNOW there are going to be some relatives who just have to give us some cut glass bowl, and I'd rather not leave them to their own devices, and I don't like the ideas of cash, mortgage or honeymoon registries (they just have a creepy, air-of-rudeness vibe to them for me...FOR ME, okay, don't email me). I trust that 99.9% of family and friends can gift appropriately and limit the junk factor, and that they know I'd much rather have them spend money on transportation so we can spend time with them than worry about gifts. I just don't know how I'm going to go about populating a registry when I don't really think we need anything of note...there are plenty of things that would be nice, but why should other people have to buy them for us?

That all being said, I have made some attempts at checking out wedding dresses, and since any and all readers will be doomed to limited squealing over wedding trappings, here are a couple pictures of dresses I like, all from Eden Bridals. I really enjoy Eden's stuff, mostly because the detailing is so well handled and unusual.

And this is a picture of part of St. Petersburg from the air, which I think is much more interesting and I found on English Russia.


  1. I tried on a dress similar to the pink one. It was purdy, but in ivory (read: wouldn't go with DH's choker whites).

    I, for one, was not happy with the expectation to be Bridezilla, nor with the expectation that two weeks before the wedding I'd have stuff to do. What's a 2 1/2 year engagement if not time to plan AHEAD OF TIME? You're going to be so happy later that you did everything now.

    Re: registries... We STILL ended up getting some weird shit. Do not fool yourself.

    Pretty Russia. Yay.

  2. I loooooove the pink dress oodles and oodles and oodles.

    Do yourself a favor and try to find out when the manufacturer will start charging extra fees. I got socked with a rush fee when I ordered my dress 4 months before the wedding, which is cutting it close, apparently.

    Needless to say, it really pissed me off.