Monday, July 14, 2008

Worcester Bling Bling: A Study In Personality Flaws

As some of you may know, I recently did this to my phone:

I used different colors - I used clear where you see it in the above picture, but used alternating orange and dark pink for the rest. You glue on each individual crystal, and the entire thing probably took me about 3 hours (with frequent breaks for mocking from Speed). The result is a heavier, shinier Razr, to the delight of myself and two year olds. I pulled this thing out of my purse in a hurry while in the car on a sunny day and all of a sudden DISCO was in the car with me. I adore it. The process also proved an interesting examination of my vast arsenal of personality quirks and defects, to wit:

  • I am really, really, super awesome at carrying out fine motor processes repetitively and for long periods of time. See also: knitting.

  • Though I present my predilection for shiny things as a joke, it's far more true than I like to admit.

  • There are certain things I should be embarassed about that I simply am not.

  • I have the emotional age of a child in elementary school.

Now, some people have simply started refusing to acknowledge the existance of this phone, but others, like my parents, have embraced the experience. In that spirit, when they drove past this masterpiece, they made sure to take a picture for me.

I HAVE to go there.

Worcester has made some great strides in the 25 years I've been here, but there's some stuff that just does not come out in the wash, no matter how hard you try to Shout it out. Ghetto fabulousness is apparently one of these things, because for every upscale restaurant that pops up, something like this is usually right on its tail. They may not be neighbors, they may not even be on the same side of town, but I tell you, God bless these purveyors of ghetto fabulousity for their diligent work towards preserving the balance of culture in Woo Town.



    I wish we knew of this when I was visiting last month.

  2. OMG, that's gross.

    In other news, I have glasses now. I am officially old.