Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fuck You, Bravo (and Possibly Charter)

You know what, Bravo? Fuck you. Fuck you for now TWICE IN A WEEK cutting off the ending of Project Runway. I tune in at TEN O'FUCKING CLOCK pretty much every Wednesday, for Top Chef or Shear Genius or my favorite, my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE, Project Runway. THAT IS FUCKING LATE. AND YET HERE WE ARE. I even watched fucking Top Design and dude that shit was lame. I know who Kelly Wearstler is because of you fucking fuckheads. I sift through your third-trimester abortion of a website so I can talk about the shows with my friends. I have attention deficit disorder AND epilepsy now, JUST FROM YOUR GODDAMN, SLOW-LOADING, GRAPHIC-DRENCHED, UNNAVIGABLE WEBSITE. BUT NO WORRIES. I didn't even freak out too much when you bought one of my favoritest websites in the world, Television Without Pity. And all I ask from you, Bravo, in exchange for all this, is to watch fucking Project Runway without you CUTTING OFF THE MOTHERFUCKING ENDING. TWICE IN A ROW NOW, with the stopping right when Heidi is dramatically pausing on someone's name. WHY CAN'T YOU JUST SCHEDULE YOUR FUCKING SHOWS TO START ON THE HOUR AND END ON THE HOUR? WHAT IS THIS SHIT WITH ENDING AT 11:03?! Oh, you're "bucking convention?" Let me tell you about bucking convention, people...sometimes people buck convention because convention is dumb and non-adaptive. MORONS buck convention because they think they're shiny little snowflakes revolutionizing the industry. GUESS WHICH CATEGORY IS YOURS.

Here's the kicker, because I know you fucks want to know...since this happened last week, and there was swearing, and Speed threw the remote across the room, I made sure I set the DVR to record this Make Me A Supermodel shit you're shovelling these days. That way, I thought, I would have two contiguous hours of taped media, and would miss nothing. WRONG THE FUCK AGAIN. SOMEHOW, the two minutes of Project Runway that involve the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE SHOW have vanished into the fucking Bermuda Triangle. You know what, Bravo, I know you think you're secretly forcing people to watch your shit on time to work out ratingswise? I'm not always home at 10. I have SHIT TO DO. You would think that you'd want to hook a sister up for giving enough of a shit about your show that she DVRs it every week and watches faithfully, but noooooo. You'd rather take a nice, juicy dump on my happiness, and cut off the fucking END. Seriously, Bravo, eat shit and die.

And on the off chance that this is purely a DVR issue (which it isn't), fuck you Charter. And extra fuck you for not being Verizon FiOS.

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