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Slightly Behind Schedule PR Recap: Ep 6

Okay, we're catching up here...I am also going to include the start of my dress-by-dress email to Lucy because I find it funny and thus don't care if you don't want to hear it.
"I have to tell you, I had a dream last night that I was on PR but for some reason it was being held in the art classroom from my middle school, which was in the middle of a building from Little Man Tate for some reason, and I had volunteered to be team leader (just my luck, I'm on PR and I get a stupid team challenge). So anyway, turns out I had the same design/patternmaking/sewing skills that I have now, i.e. minimal at best, so I kind of vaguely sketched some stuff and then strongly advocated a bubble skirt, and then kind of wandered around and felt guilty, and then Tim Gunn came over to see our work and they were like "oh we have made this whole thing what do you think" so my ass was saved. In any case, it was extremely weird and not as happy-making as I would imagine a PR dream to be."

So there's that.

CHALLENGE: Lay waste to the Times Square Hershey Store and make an outfit out of your booty. NO SPECIFIC INSTRUCTION to use edibles exclusively, just anything they could grab in five minutes in the Hershey store.


I loved how Chris sewed the labels made such an interesting effect. It really just looked like some kind of funky print. I love the shoes and presentation, and I love the bracelet which matches the crazy made-up print perfectly! So cool! I was really happy to see Chris turn out a sophisticated, low-key-but-interesting, hot dress, PARTICULARLY after the Maritime Nightmare of the last challenge. I really liked this dress. It's like, if you didn't know this dress was made from candy labels, would you realize it right away? That's the beauty of this look. It's well made and very wearable.
This was VERY Kit to me. I like the styling MOSTLY but given the boots (which I covet) I would have liked to see a little more on top. This week I mostly liked the ones that looked LEAST like the actual source materials - Hershey's packaging isn't particularly pretty, and is very boxy, so I don't like this as much. I don't like how flat the top makes the model look, but the skirt and little belty thing are cool. Very Kit indeed. It's cute though. I didn't realize that the top was so boob constricting until you pointed it out. It's kind of boring to me though. A little expected.

Oh my god, Elisa. I knew she was screwed when they talked about her car accident, which can we just say...oh my GOD! The poor woman, jeez. While I feel sorry for her, this was just a hot mess. The swimmies, the asymmetrical hemline that's not QUITE asymmetrical enough to work, the weird bodice, the almost complete lack of styling...oy. And this was supposed to be a fairy princess look? I tell you, between this outfit and the menswear one, I know exactly what kind of fairy tale land Elisa's thinking of and it's the one with the hideous Norwegian gnomes. Oh Elisa...I miss you so. I really wish you didn't make this dress. Once again with the crack induced fairytales...and I have to say that this one must end pretty badly. This is one of the most depressing articles of clothing I've ever seen. What was she thinking? Damn you, Elisa!

Cute but boring, and the shoes are a weird choice. I keep feeling like Kevin has a lot of stuff to just let out of the bag but he's just not doing it. No one with facial hair that complicated is this boring. Blah. The shrug looks crochety and old to me. I just didn't like this that much. Cute but boring indeed. I really don't have much to say about this, other than the fact that the imagination here is definitely lacking.
Christian actually really nailed the simple here. Good line, cool effect from the wrappers. I think the texture is very him but the shape is very chic and pretty, even if it gets a bit clunky around the neck. I would NOT have included the weird little head patty, but whatever, that's Christian for you. I'm also a little put off by the way that this model is CLEARLY trying to end my life via mind bullets. I'd just like to mention here that watching Christian throw those PERFECTLY GOOD peanut butter cups into the trash nearly killed me. WTF, DUDE? That's one of the best candies ever and you're THROWING it away? Fuck you...but oh yeah, the dress. I actually think it looks a little sloppy. I like the shape of the dress but the greasy wrapper thing was a little scary to me. It looks kind of dirty, no? Sweet P's creation...boring boring boring. Why aren't these people having more fun with this? The challenge is to make shit out of candy! Come on! Boring and washing out the model. No thanks. Her first idea wasn't that great either so yeah, she missed the mark with this challenge.
I am appreciating all over again how fucking cool this was. Rami knows what he's doing. The fit on this was just amazing...and he used some hard materials, too, like that vinyl-y stuff? Awesome. The skirt is super pleated which must have been a nightmare, and to use so much pattern and texture and have it be a universal "yes" is pure talent. I loved this. I loved this look too. It's so much FUN, which is the entire point of the challenge! It's completely plastic and sweet and bubbly, just as it should be.
I loved the movement on Jillian's dress. I was actually glad they didn't make her the winner just because she worked so hard, because the design of this was fine but not as fabulous as Rami's. I didn't love how stiff the bodice was but I think a lot of that was just a matter of being made of Twizzlers (duh). I wish she'd done one more layer of Twizzlers on the skirt so it all had that flapper effect, but overall the design was cool and obviously it was a monumental effort directed at really getting the spirit of the challenge. I kind of think the bodice was a little ugly on this one. I mean, I know she made it out of candy but it's kind of gross. The movement in the skirt is great though. I really appreciate the fact that she put herself out there and took a risk.
Boy, I sure was happy when the aufed Victorya for this! Oh, wait, they didn't? Did they think about her last They don't find her wildly boring and lame? No? Okay...why? Weird shape, again with the flattening, again with the saying others' suggestions were her own independent thought...I just hate her. This is boring as hell and I think it sucks. Look at how low the right hand bodice is!! My hatred for Victorya just has no bounds. This outfit was fucking TERRIBLE. Why did she not get kicked off for this. If I had to pick between Elisa and Victorya I would have picked Vic. This sucks and I hate her.
I will say, I liked this a lot more on the runway, even if the center point of the hem kept hitching up. Then I hated myself because it's Ricky's and I hate Ricky. I liked the innovative shape and the detail of the bodice. Stupid Ricky. Ugh. I think to make up for liking it I'll accuse him of plagarism by noting that that center panel on the bodice is AWFULLY SIMILAR to Jeffrey's amazing green-and-white-striped dress from the finale. I'm mostly just being a jerk though. I really wish he would stop with the's really distracting. Other than the fact that he's a fucking faucet, I have to say that I appreciate his spirit. I think that he is a good designer but his stupid gay gogo dancer persona really overshadows him as a person. I thought this was really cute and it looks impeccably made. The bodice is suspect.

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