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Behind Schedule PR Recap: Ep 5

CHALLENGE: Take the former-favorite plus size outfits of women who had lost a ton of weight (seriously, some of these ladies lost a small human) and turn them into the heights of fabulousity for their new slim bods.

WINNER: Christian of the Epic Hair

This was also the episode where Jack, whose stuff I generally found cute but not wildly "fashion-y," left the show because he had a horrendous staph infection cooking on his lip, which is extra troublesome for him as he is HIV positive. It was really sad to see him go, because I always had the feeling that he was going to uncork it and totally blow my mind, and he seemed like a genuinely cool guy. However my feelings about it got kind of confusing, because the Powers That Be decided to bring back last week's auf, the enigmatic and wonderful Chris M. It was a fair choice (unlike when freaking Angela and Vincent came back last season, which was a total drama-maximizing move), and worked out well. Word is that Jack's doing well, and Speed and I both think it's possible-to-likely that he would reaudition for next season. I hope so!

As usual, me in standard text, The Lucy in blue.
This is Jillians...what is with the sudden ascendancy of lucite stripper-shoe accents? I keep seeing this around, particularly on PR, and I'm not sure how to deal with it. On the one hand, lucite, but on the other hand...these are kind of cool, no? This was the dress where the judges were making noise about the material issues, I think...I sort of agree. The challenge was to make a new outfit out of the old outfit, so to bring in all this new fabric is not really in the spirit or letter of the challenge. That being said, I think it's a cute dress and is cute on the model, and those funky little pleats add some interest, so I am willing to give this one a thumbs up BUT don't find it real fashion-y. Sort of like Jack's dress first ep...cute but not unique. Hahahaha...the shoes I wore under my wedding dress had lucite bottoms, because they were the only ones I could find that had a wedge type bottom, which I knew was very important to my comfort. They are actually everywhere, but these are kind of understated and just pretty. They don't look trashy at all, and I guess if it's done tastefully then it's ok. I don't think they look hookerish, so thumbs up. The dress is just...*sigh.* I wish that the woman she made the dress for had on a better bra. I mean, I'm sorry but no one looks good when their tits are hanging down to their waist. I also think it was total bullshit that she bailed and made an entirely new outfit. That's not very fair. And it's plain. It's pretty, but it just makes me shrug my shoulders. I've seen that dress a million times.
I would totally wear this top of Ricky's. I don't think I LOVE the jeans - what's with the weird knee-bunching action? - but overall it looks like something the model would wear, and the shoes fit well with it. Again, not fashion, but it's cute. I really like the detailing at the neck. I liked this outfit. I did think it was adorable and that it really fit her and her personality. The capris are problematic for me though. How cute would it have been if he made her some walking shorts instead?
Oh, CHRIS. I'm sorry, but...Hairspray. That is all. I know that Chris is a costume designer but if he keeps this shit up, he's going to be aufed again. It's just too over the top. Where can she wear this?
While this outfit of Christian's is cute, a.) Jeffrey has now ruined all close-fitting pants of this style for me because that child knew what he was doing in that regard, and b.) look, when is Christian going to do something else? I feel like this is a little bland, and DEFINITELY very Christian-Cliche. Seems to fit her personality though. The jacket is basically the same one that he made for the first challenge, except the sleeves aren't as poofy. I don't think the pic is doing justice for the pants, though. When she was walking down the runway I was pretty amazed by them...they actually do have a great fit. Christian is going the way of Laura and Uli...he's doing the same thing over and over again and he better change it up, because if they start picking on him for it, it's going to be hard for him to overcome.
Victorya...I thought this was bland, and I don't know whether to blame the dress, the shoes, or the hair, but this ensemble makes her look old as the hills. I think if there was some more a-line action going on here, it would be better, but it's boring, appears to have a dippy bow at the neck, and I don't think the rhinestoney buckley thing is proportionate and thus makes her look huge. All I'm going to say is that I have no idea how Victorya avoided being in the bottom for this challenge. This dress is absolutely HIDEOUS. It is the opposite of style. Whenever I have the severe misfortune of going to a local department store that all of the old ladies frequent, THIS is what I see. Absolutely disgraceful. Yes. I said it.
Elisa should have left these boots with whatever low-rent pirate she ganked them from. Yeesh. I just feel like the presentation is kind of schizoid...pirate boots, nice-but-not-dressy clothes, plus the blinged out necklace and the fouffy hair...I dunno man. That being said, the shape of the jacket is cute and interesting. Can't really see much of the dress, but it's not offensive in any way so there's that. If she didn't pair the boots with this outfit, I would have actually liked it. The jacket is very pretty, although I don't know if that little bubble bottom on the skirt is the best for her body. The boots killed this for me though. Elisa has a thing for boots, I think.
I REALLY wish Kit hadn't let her wear this little cami thing. I actually like this dress on its own, but the bright white cami really throws it off for me. The design of the bodice actually reminds me of this, which I totally love and constantly think about trying to recreate. I agree with you about the cami...that becomes the focal point instead of the rest of the dress, which is actually quiet pretty. I like the bright cantaloupe color too. And of course, I love the dress below. Pure art.
It's all about the way the crisscrossing is it. (NB - Like I need to tell you, but this is from the SS07 Dior Couture Collection I'm so obsessed with.) So, I secretly LOVED this from Kevin, even if I'm just now noticing the shoes and being a little frightened by them...what are those, gold scrunchies? This seems a little South Beachy to me, but it seems to fit her personality and she clearly thinks it rocks so I am on board. I like the detailing and the color is cute, but I think it needs to get hoisted up so it fits the girls a little better. Actually, that would pull up the hemline, too, which would solve a lot of the issues I do have with this. I kind of like this. I feel as though it's a little too much. Once again, where and how often can she wear this? If it's your favorite thing, you're probably going to want to wear it at least somewhat often, and I just don't think she can. The leggings bug me and I think it makes her hips look big and her boobs look droopy. I like the idea
What Steven was thinking, I have no idea. This is like an escaped nun's idea of mother-of-the-bride wear. I hate it, the proportion and location of the collar is weird, and those shoes should be outlawed. They're probably made of rubber. This is just ugly on top of ugly. WHY WHY WHY?
Well, it's not draped, so good on Rami, but I don't love that it's tucked in or whatever the hell. I think it would be cute if the shirt wasn't tucked, but as presented I feel like it's a little blocky. Cute though, I like it ok. It's cute, although I don't know if high waisted is good for her. It's a little funky though and I appreciate that.

I actually like this color more than I would have expected. This seems VERY Sweet P to me, like, I could see her wearing it, and I actually kind of like it, although the boob area is a little schlumpy. Overall, pretty cute, though I'm not sure if I like the black hose and the shoe choice with it. I really like this dress. I think it's very pretty and it looks like something this chica would wear. I do, however, have to question her choice of foundation color. Is it just me, or does her face look significantly darker than the rest of her? God, I'm so distracted!

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