Saturday, January 19, 2008

Almost Up to Date PR Recap: Ep 7

I am going to start with a question I asked The Lucy but we didn't really get into because we were too anxious to eviscerate some of these dresses/people...are prom dresses short now? I wasn't one of the girls who was driving in to Boston and scouring the internet for dresses...there was a Saks Fifth Avenue OUTLET in Worcester at the time so I just went there and picked up a $450 dress for $35 (oh my god I miss that was like heaven), but my sister did the shopping around and as a result I got to see some of the ABOMINATIONS that these children were being allowed to go to prom in. I made my peace with things like this by repeating "some people are just skanky" over and over while rocking:
Oh. My. God. Average age at prom: 17. SEVENTEEN! So whatever, some people are just skanky. But I didn't know (not having had to concern myself with prom for what, 6 years...six years?! Holy shit.) that short was the new thing...I think a full half of the girls in this challenge wanted short dresses. Isn't prom an excuse to have some of your first long evening gown type dresses that most of us rarely get to wear in our everyday lives? This is probably a case of me being an old woman from the motherland again, but it just seems so weird to me. I mean, they're cute dresses, and lord knows I love me some kicky short action, but...prom? Really? Okay.

And yeah, I'm totally showing you my $35 prom dress that was fabulous, not only because I loved the dress but because it is maybe my favorite picture of me EVER TAKEN (except, weirdly, my ID photo from American University. I am not even kidding. It's like Glamour Shots up in there.) and looks like some kind of perfume ad. Featuring Hillary the Beastie!Oh my god I am so hot. And also: awwwwwww.

So anyway the CHALLENGE: Design prom dresses in accordance with your client's wishes. PS - your client is a New Jersey Catholic high schooler. Enjoy.

WINNER: Victorya

Putting The Lucy's comments in WHITE this time because I think they'll be a little easier to read - feedback appreciated!
I thought the bedazzling looked cheap, the boobs looked saggy, and the bubble skirt looked uneven and poorly done. More weird flat boobed stuff from Victorya. I don't get it and I don't like it. I especially don't like her shitty attitude. HAHAHAHA! We were all screaming about the cheap bedazzled piece of shit that she made. Seriously, how did she win this challenge? This dress is boring shit. And the girl looks like Jan Brady and I wish to punch her in the face.
I loved Chris's dress, would have worn it, and thought it should have won. I thought the color was beautiful and unusual, the styling was great, and it was a PROM DRESS. I'm sorry, I'm ready to accept prom dresses as being uniformly short. I could not BELIEVE this wasn't even top three. I absolutely agree that this should have been the winner. I was shocked when his name wasn't called. This dress is absolutely lovely, girly and completely age appropriate. She looked stunning and Chris deserved better.
Oh, KEVIN. The hem, the bodice, the everything. WHY. WHY WHY WHY? I was really disappointed with this one. It also was not a great color for her. WHY? I saw this dress on sale for $19.99 after the Christmas formal season. It sucked then and it sucks now.
Now this I thought was very original and pretty. The movement of the skirt was really fantastic. Jillian really gets it, and her Ralph Lauren background really suits this challenge. I liked the color choice and the hem, and I really can't praise the fabric choice of the skirt enough. Really pretty, nice work Jillian! (Speed called this "the Sharks dress" because of the teal.) I really love this dress. I love the fresh, unusual colors that she chose. It's stunning. It's also a very flattering cut. So pretty!
I was 100% sure that I was going to hate Kit's dress, but I didn't. I don't LOVE it, and Rich was right when he compared it to the chestplate on Darth Vader's outfit, but I thought it was going to be butt ugly and it's not. It's cute and it seems to fit the girl's personality, so I am okay with it, if not super-enthused. Yeah, I don't know. It seems pretty enough but I can't get past how the straps go over the bodice. It's distracting. I do like the bright colors though.
I actually think that Ricky was on to something with the detailing and the shape, but it was too short and the color was HORRIBLE! What was he thinking?! I also take extreme issue with the heels. Look, I know nude heels are in, and I am SO in for that trend, but the nude needs to either match your skin tone or go with the dress. This does neither. It's a cool-tone nude with a warm-tone dress. Fail. I thought for a second that Ricky was going to be a goner with this one. Everything about it is just so bad. I guess he's lucky that Kevin's sucked out loud. Fail indeed.
We discussed Rami's little draping extravaganza already, so the points have been made: we are anti-draped boob, and we didn't love it. I think I might love the bracelet, though...I didn't notice it before. The shoes are cute too. I like the flapper feel but I don't like the liquid boobage. It's so deforming. I hate it. The color is too muted for me too.
This is MAYBE the last thing in the world I would have expected from Sweet P, but there you go. Wow. The color was perfect for this girl, and though I do not like the hem (she should have done a french hem, I think...this really stands out, although maybe it was intended?) and I think it was a touch racy for the prom, it's fundamentally a REALLY beautiful dress. Nice (miraculous) work, Sweet P. I absolutely love this dress. I would wear this dress. The color, the cut and the overall style of this dress is so classic. Very Grecian and just very pretty. I was kind of not into the fabric showed every little thing underneath and that is just not good.
Saved the...whatever for last. You know, the first part of the episode, I thought we were just watching another episode of "Christian hates fat people and/or people who don't live in a Vivienne Westwood world" but I have to say, later on, during fittings and such, I do see the personality stuff he was reacting to, and see where he was coming from. TO A POINT. He still has a jerky attitude towards normal people, but then again, he does kind of try to hide it, unlike Jeffrey who was like "OH FUCK, FATTIES" when he had to work with normal and overweight people. There were sooo many problems with this, and I think a lot of them came from Christian kind of being like "well fuck this, I'm doing what I want" but not...really doing that. If he wanted to take the doing what I want stance, he should have scrapped the weird bubbly effect and the lace on the bottom (and I think, the ruching on the bodice) and completely remade it. Yeah, she would have been a heinous wench about it, but it wouldn't have been this ugly, and everyone wins. I also think the black and brown were a poor choice, and just wash her out. You hardly even notice her pretty face and hair. This poor girl looks like a truffle. Why put a brown person in a brown dress? This girl's personality was pretty atrocious so maybe he just wanted her to look like shit (seriously, no pun intended). It's just a hot mess. I do think that Christian should have just done what he wanted instead of following her idea so closely. It was a tough situation...I would have stabbed the little brat.


  1. I absolutely ADORE that picture of you. You must have that haircut again someday.


    I also didn't realize you were actually asking me that question...but I think the answer is no. I have always assumed that they were called prom GOWNS for a reason. Like, that they're supposed to be long.