Tuesday, January 29, 2008

One Man's Trash...

I spend a lot of time writing deranged emails to people that are often supplemented by pictures either of oddities or things I like. There's more of the latter than the former here, but I was weeding out my "My Pictures" folder and thought I would share. These are pictures that make me happy.
This is me with a magnolia tree in front of the Department of Commerce building where I used to work in Washington, DC. I like it not (obviously) because it's such a fabulous picture of me but rather because it's one of me being happy in a city I love with possibly my favorite flower in the world. Everyone please cross their fingers for my Sweet Bay Magnolia that Mom found for me, which is currently experiencing it's first in-ground winter.
This is a picture of a model from one of John Galliano's shows...I believe from his own label rather than Dior. I just love that anyone in the world has a brain that could produce this look.

And you KNOW I've contemplated putting rhinestones on my lipstick, so why you would even ASK is beyond me.
This is me, my sis and my Mom in Cortona, Italy. I just like the family togetherness of it all, and the side of me not looking totally weird is always a plus.
One of many coveted necklaces from Subversive Jewelry. I have no idea why this particular one is saved on my computer, since I usually am found drooling over the Sunken Treasure necklaces the guy makes, but isn't it gorgeous? I have dedicated sincere thought to finding a way to wear this on my wedding day.
A pair of Akademiks boots I bought recently to fend off the winter in style (changing in and out of galoshes in class = fail). I love the look of them and moreover it's the first pair of 9 and a half's I've fit since before puberty.
"Berg" from Jessica Simpson, which only goes UP to 9 and a half. Yet another reason to kind of hate J.Simp.
Give me an excitingly cut pump any day.

A totally out of my price range bag from Smythson (what ISN'T out of price range at that joint...on the other hand, mmmmm bespoke stationery.).

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  1. Awwww, I miss magnolias so much. There were a few beautiful ones down the road from us in Annapolis. I have no shortage of trees here, but those always made me smile.