Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Book, Rapunzel's Daughters, is Now Available!!

A while back I indulged in a little self-important puffery about Pink Narcissus Press' second anthology, entitled Rapunzel's Daughters, and I'm thrilled to announce that it is now available for sale!  It's an awesome collection off short stories that extend or twist fairy tales and legends.  I have a story in there that explores the idea of Tinkerbell as an exiled fairy queen who brought absinthe to Montmartre...how can you pass this up??  The book has beautiful illustrations throughout, and it has been named a Highlighted Title by Independent Publisher and received positive reviews from Publishers Weekly and SF Review

Pick up your copy today either at our website or on Amazon!  If you email me with your request, I would be happy to autograph your copy or draw an amusing picture on the frontpage.  Rapunzel's Daughters will be available in the

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