Monday, July 25, 2011

Domestication Has Its Consequences

What's wrong with this picture?
BESIDES being a violation of every photo composition rule ever.
You might have missed it, so here's a closer shot.
There's a fucking rabbit right over there.
We have all these rabbits all over the place, which would be nice if they would stop eating my goddamn dahlias, and the cats are kind of vaguely interested in them.  Every now and then, we let the cats out on the deck to see if they can catch one.  I am fully aware that sounds super mean and jerky, but the reality is that these animals are totally incompetent.  In that second picture, it kind of looks like Flyboy is looking at the rabbit, right?  Wrong.  Neither of these idiots even NOTICED the bunny.  This was not a small rabbit.  I could have gotten to it in about four running steps.  Cady spent the whole time purring and rubbing up against that post, and Flyboy was just roaming around sniffing things.  

These animals would die in about four minutes outside.  They're lucky they're cute, is all I'm saying.

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