Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Am Doing Something Wrong.

I realize I may be overreacting given that the commerical I'm developing insecurities over features an animated octopus. I'll just admit that up front.

In any case, this commercial features an octopus doing assorted house cleaning kinds of things while talking about how she has so little time to do anything. Then, she waxes poetic about how now because of her automatic air freshener, she can save some time and thus conquer her domecile.

Now tell me much fucking time am I supposed to be spending spraying air freshener around? I work, go to school, and do a bunch of other crap...I'm busy, all right? WOO TIME SAVING. Great. But of all the things that I can think of that would save me time? Spraying air freshener does not make the list. In what Martha Stewart world would eliminating your spray time save you more than about 45 seconds in a day, if you were at your most neurotic. But dude...if you're that concerned about it all, wouldn't your house be...clean enough to not need eleven cans a day of air freshener?

Can anyone explain this to me?? I was concerned enough about the fact that I don't steam clean the carpets on a routine basis, and now that I've found out I'm meant to be contributing more towards the hole in the ozone layer, I'm REALLY concerned about what else I could be missing.


  1. Who uses air freshener? I figure if my apartment stinks I'd just better clean it (or the cat box).

  2. [Shrek] Having a DVR means never having to watch commercials again.