Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Semester Round Up

Well, my last day of classes was today, and now I'm writing a final paper for crazy Professor S on the joys of bureaucracy. In the process of reading over my notes and such, I'm digging up assorted gems from the class that I noted in the margins. I present them to you as a gift, in hopes that some good karma will come back to me in time for finals.
  • "Dr. M is an IR Ph.D. Dr. D, too. Mine's in American shit."
  • "It's like an ancient world in [the DMV]. I feel like I should be carrying a spear and wearing a kilt or something." -student comment
  • "After 9/11, we were like 'bomb someone! We don't care if it's fuckin' Toronto, just bomb someone!'"
  • "So, what Socrates is saying is that all these philosophers should be in charge, but they're all walking around thinking deep thoughts. So basically your ideal leader is Professor S (who is insane). *horrified pause* Wow."
  • "This kid comes in and we're doing class, and he stands up and goes 'I've got a gun.' So I told him, 'John, sit down.' And he sat down. I told people about this later, and they were all horrified because I didn't call campus safety. But he sat down, so I don't know what the big deal was. He did it in his next class too and they called security on him and stuff. Someone just needed to tell him to sit down."

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  1. So Jos, when you get your Ph.D. can I just comment on your crazy, too? :P

    Toronto.. Heh.