Monday, August 17, 2009

Name the Bunny

And now to swing violently back to inanity, there is a bunny in my yard:

There were originally two bunnies who very much enjoyed the ice storm refuse that we had dutifully dragged to our curb, foolishly believing that the town meant it when they said they'd pick it up in a week, where it instead stayed for the better part of three months in a somewhat beaver-dam-like configuration, slowly killing our grass. I usually saw said bunnies in the morning and because I am a crazy person usually said good morning to them, but now I have only seen them in single servings and I am concerned Bunny Number Two may have entered the downslope of the circle of life.

Let us not linger.

I came home the other day and VOILA! Bunny! I took these pictures of him, which mostly look like pictures of grass and my garden. This is because he is using his bunny camoflauge to blend in with the brown rock in the middle of the garden edging. I have decided I should name said bunny so as to be even creepier in the morning. I am too lazy to figure out how to embed a poll so I'll list a couple names here and you can vote in the comments.

a. Clyde
b. Lennie
c. D'Artagnan
d. Mickey
e. Karl
f. Other

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