Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Makeup Is Easy: Workout Day Routine o' Speed

On Wednesdays and Fridays I usually see Frank the trainer at 6a, which means I get up at 5:25a. I work out for an hour (and it is awesome, call him immediately), then have to go home and get ready for the day. This is both a great and a horrible plan. On the one hand, I get my workout for the day done early, but on the other, it means I HAVE to be efficient in the morning or be late to work, and I am not naturally speedy before, say 10a. The upside is that I have a fast makeup routine to share with you that looks good on everyone and is perfect for summer when you can't wear much makeup anyway for melting reasons.

Everyone looks good in some shade of gold, so you should tinker around and find a dark one and a light one. I use Necessary Morality - and sometimes Burned by the Light - and Broken Rules from The She Space. I don't mean to harp on constantly about The She Space but it really is some of the best damn makeup I've ever used AND it comes in a zillion glorious colors AND it is cheap as hell AND each container lasts forever. Seriously, it's great.
Broken Rules, at left, and Necessary Morality

The darker the colors on my eyelids, the more concentration I need. With the light golds, I can throw the darker shade on the lid itself, sweep the lighter color right up to the eyebrow, apply mascara and call it the day. That being said, golds aren't particularly strong from a distance in this particular application, so I leave a little of the impact provision to my lips. In this case, I went with the Sephora brand lip gloss that those lovely Sephora folks sent me for my birthday gift this year, in Bronzed Beauty.
Below we have lid color...I need to get a new camera, because you can't see the lighter shade on top at ALL and this has been a persistent problem. The colors on the left are truer.

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