Thursday, August 20, 2009

Makeup is Easy: Targeted Courtesan Homages to Xanadu

I should note that I am really loopy for about an hour in the morning. This particular day, I was thinking about David Bowie. I can't really explain this. In any case, Mr. Bowie inspired some funky makeup, using the Half-and-Half Jenna Technique, named for my friend Jenna who I met in January when she was wearing WILDLY kickass half-and-half eye makeup. Jenna is awesome.

I swept my whole lid with Takes the Cake from The She Space, then split the lid in half, using Lucifer's Chariot on the inner half and Twisted Psychic on the outer half. Once I had applied the powder, I swept my finger from the inside of my eye to the outside to improve the blend from pink to purple. I then grabbed my Dior 5-Colour eyeshadow in Tender Chic and used the pure white shadow in there to put a small teardrop-shaped dot of white in the hollow beside my tear duct and apply a thin line of white from the break of my eyebrow to pop out those two areas and open up the eye.

That all came out pretty well, and I remembered I'd bought this insane necklace that had similar colors at Target. It always reminds me of the brooch the Queen "loses" in Ever After, which is probably why I haven't had the balls to wear it in the two years I've owned it. Sad, really. I wore this over a black mid-sleeved turtleneck (I am so not kidding about how cold our A/C is on the second floor) and a black pencil skirt so it would be the only whickety-wack on my person.
THEN I remembered I also had SHOES that were in a similar color palette (called Courtesan from Irregular Choice, so I'm oddly maintaining the whole court/royalty thing) so I threw those on.
Then I decided I'd better leave the house more or less instantly because things were getting out of hand. But that's how David Bowie inspired a great outfit and great makeup!

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