Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Makeup Is Easy: Green With Envy

Another day, another bevy of SheSpace products.

It's incredibly humid these days in New England (glad you could make it, summer), so I have been showering, neti potting, blow drying my hair and then going to make breakfast before doing makeup. The combination of doing anything except standing very, very still and blasting myself with hot air makes my face sweat more or less instantly, and I don't like when my makeup brushes get all sweaty and damp.

I went with just powder today, because I wore powder over foundation yesterday and regretted it the whole day because the heat greasified the whole shebang. Much like the necessity of wearing shoes you can walk in, makeup isn't pretty unless you're comfortable in it. (Read: the shoes don't make you Carrie Bradshaw, ladies...the attitude and ability do.) I used Without Wonder blush over the powder.

I have recently gotten in the habit of using a neutral color over my whole lid instead of finishing with a white shadow, because the white often looks a little too strong for summer. Today I used First Class Con over the whole lid, right up to the eyebrow. It's a "velvet" from The She Space so it's just flat color. I then swept Fairy Tale Failed over the lid and just up to the start of the orbital bone, and added a soft sweep of Convicted over the top of Fairy Tale and a bit higher onto the orbital bone itself. The picture below does a really crappy job of showing Convicted; it's a much lighter taupe and has green shimmer in it to tie everything together.
Clockwise from top left: First Class Con, Convicted, Without Wonder and Fairy Tale Failed
The outermost photos are most accurate to color, but the center picture shows the whole lid best.
Open eyes on top, closed eyes on bottom. Yes I do makeup in a towel SORRY if that is creepy for you, you'll all just have to cope.

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