Saturday, August 29, 2009

Makeup Is Easy: Twofer!

Okay so I KIND of forgot about this a little bit, but I also used the same makeup a couple days in a row so don't worry, you didn't miss any glorious achievements in makeup. First, we have the Adapted Post Workout Look.
Same gold tones, but this time I topped it with a bit of Takes The Cake from The She Space to add some color above the eyelid. You can kind of halfway see it in the below photo. I also added Guerlain Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl Eyeliner in Brun. I believe I am wearing Lipstick Queen lipstick in Rouge Saint but I may also be wearing the lipstick I will be talking about in THRILLING LOOK NUMBER TWO!
When fall comes along, the makeup trends always involve grey shadow for some reason, so I was getting ready for that with my Paris eyeshadow from Nars.
Aww, can you tell this is pre-coffee? Yikes.
The EXCITING feature of this look is that I have in fact applied lipstick pre-coffee, which rarely happens as I am a little lazy about lipstick application and prefer to not apply it for the sake of removing it with my mug rim. I went for Prescriptives Exhilarating Lip Color in Strawberry and topped it with Dior Sparkle Lip Gloss for added depth. Fabuloso! I like using glosses over flat color to make them a little more interesting.

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