Thursday, January 20, 2011

Useful Products and/or Poison

My family has a habit of taking up residence in places that are very beneficial for me, which I'm sure is their number one objective. I'd like to take a moment to thank my sister for living in the North End, allowing me to live with her during school nights, and my parents for buying a place in Florida and allowing me to come down and invade their personal space on Spring Break. I have spent the past couple breaks with my parents in Florida, and these visits have conveniently overlapped with my birthday, which is great because a lot more of my social life than I'm comfortable admitting revolves around my parents and I get sad when they go away for long periods. Last year, my grandmother, who also has a winter house in the area, couldn't decide what to get me for my birthday, so she took me to this cute little import shop in Venice, FL called Parichat House and told me to pick something out. I chose a gorgeous hammered silver necklace, and Parichat (of the House), polished it up for me before sending us on our merry way. She used this weird powdery stuff to clean it, and it worked so well that both Mormor and I were fascinated. We bought a box of it to try out.

I used it yesterday to clean the necklace that Rich got me for our six month anniversary (aww), which I LOVE and which is a total bitch to clean, because it has this lovely floral stamp with very fine lines and detailing. I scrubbed a little of the powder onto a toothbrush and worked it right into the pendant, and it worked amazingly well. Of course, the problem is that I'm not sure how to find this stuff online, so you might just need to go to Parichat House. I will probably stop by there when I go for a visit in March, so I'll ask Parichat what the scoop is. Of course, part of why it's blocking my Google-fu is because I can't read Chinese, and the writing on the box is all in Chinese. Unfortunately, that means I also can't tell if it's deadly, deadly poison. For all I know, I'm polishing my jewelry with arsenic. But would they put arsenic in such a pretty box?
Probably not poison.

Why don't we package stuff like that? The other silver polish I use - the purple gunk Wright's makes - is just blue and white plastic and all it does is like, tell you what it does. LAME. In any case, I'm going to throw up the props here and try to find out where to find it, because I highly, highly recommend this to any jewelry wearers.

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