Monday, January 3, 2011

Home Improvement Lookbook: Golden Lion Edition

So, this exists.
Those would be second floor golden lions. I wish I had more time to take pictures of this, because this house has about four inches of lawn in front of it and is generally skanky looking, but I think we can all agree that the lions more than make up for any real estate shortcomings. I saw this temple of fabulousity in Westborough on the way to visit a friend, and I thought it was the best damn thing ever.

This got me thinking about the house that I occasionally make up in my head. This future house is closely tied to my plans to be a super crazy dresser as I age. When your sartorial plans for the future involve rhinestones by the ton and turbans, you really need a house that lives up to your magnificence, no? Obviously, I will need these lions, but I think they could probably be bigger and more glittery. They have also kinds of fun glitter spray paints these days, so I'd probably go for that. OR! I could also just do the manes in glitter and cover their bodies with a mirror mosaic. The future house would have a long driveway, so I could have the giant disco lions at the gate and glitter-only lions lining the drive. I think I'd probably want some disco lions at the front door, but I worry about monotony, so a switch to mirror plated tigers might be the way to go.

I just love when people embrace their wackitude this way. Loud and proud, golden lion people!

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