Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Have a Book Coming Out! Be the First One on Your Block to Get One!

This summer, my friend Rose asked me and our friend Dr. Bill if we wanted to start a small press. Since I was working and about to start my grad program, I said "sure! I was hoping someone would find a use for all this free time I have!" For someone reasonably good at acting like a productive member of society, I have pretty poor decision making skills. Momentary lunacy aside, we did in fact go through with this, and at long last, our very first anthology is coming out!

The interesting thing about this is that Bill and Rose are big fantasy fans, where I am really not, and that has made this anthology a real learning experience for me. Rose picked the theme of "elves and love" which I have spent most of the time since making fun of, but we've gotten terrific writing and a lot of fascinating perspectives on the theme, so the joke is on me. I did wind up writing a story for this anthology as well as editing it...but it's not directly about elves. You'll have to BUY YOUR COPY TODAY to see what I mean. (See how slick that was? Marketing firms, take a number please.) We've already received several good reviews, which is awesome!

One note: for all my jokes about elf porn? It kind of looks like elf porn.
The cover was done by the talented Duncan Eagleson, who has worked with (at a guess) everyone in the artistic universe. It's lovely, though a bit porny. The funny part is that it does not, in fact, contain elf porn, which is either going to be a relief or a huge disappointment, depending on the buyer. It DOES contain some great stories, so I hope you will consider buying a copy. You'll be supporting me, small business, and independent publishing (and elves?), and you'll have my eternal thanks. You can pre-order it through the Pink Narcissus website right now, and in a couple weeks it will be available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Our next anthology is a collection of stories about what comes "after the happily ever after" of legends, fairy tales and myths, entitled Rapunzel's Daughters and it is going to be EXCELLENT. If you are interested in knowing more about Pink Narcissus and our publications, please bookmark our website and like us on Facebook. On the website, you can also read the "Chronicles of Silence," a serial that we three editors composed to give people an idea of our literary tastes.

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