Monday, January 10, 2011

Sometimes I Wonder What Mom and Dad Get up to Down There in Florida

Dad: Can't wait for 8:00
Me: Why? What's at 8?
Dad: Sara Palin's Alaska!!!
Dad: ...where Sarah cuts down trees and operates heavy equipment in the bush!!!
Dad: I only have a few minutes until I tune in!
Me: How many drinks HAVE you had?
Dad: You'll be watching won't you?
Me: Shit no. lol
Dad: What?!?!
{conversation about coffee}
Dad: Got to go. You know why.
Me: You are not seriously watching that are you?
Dad: You should tune in so you know what the 'other side' is watching.
Me: Dad, NO ONE is watching that.
Dad: You should watch too.
Me: It just got canned because even Tea Partiers don't give a shit.
Dad: So you know first hand what she's saying/doing.
Me: Le sigh. I'll rely on you. We're watching football.

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