Thursday, January 6, 2011

Josie's Closet: Pink Sparkly Bib Necklace

One of the things I'm great at is being a total goober at work just as someone comes around the corner to witness it. For example, the CEO tends to come down to get his paper whenever I am doing something completely awkward, like climbing over a cart to load up some boxes or crawling under the desk to plug something in. This Christmas, I was opening a present from my boss when the Director of Communications was coming around the corner, and I'd just seen enough to exclaim "ooh, sparkly!" out loud as she arrived. (NB: yes, I am a giant toolbox.) It was sparkly!
The picture doesn't really do justice to the pretty pale pink of the stones, but I love this for its shape. It sits just right and looks great either on a high necked top or a low cut one, so it doesn't limit what you can wear with it. The color is a little challenging to pair properly, but it's a good challenge to have because I sometimes shy away from pairing light pink with strong colors like the dark iron color you see in the metal here, and the payoff is so great when you can get it to work. It's a great addition to my jewelry box and I can't wait to wear the hell out of it!

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  1. Very pretty!!!!! I want to feature some of my Etsy jewelry on my site but I think that might be against Blog Ethics. Boo.