Friday, March 12, 2010

Couture Week: Valentino

Valentino's collection didn't do anything for me. I get that they're trying to redefine the house, but you can do that without eliminating the driving elements of the brand. Valentino has always been about glamour and sophistication. While there are virtues to designers like those in Rodarte who explore deconstructionist fashion and rougher inspirations, it seems strange for Valentino to lunge so suddenly in that direction.
I like the flash of red and the floaty quality of the neutral fabrics, but the overall look leaves me cold. I kind of like the eyeshadow band and am not sure why. I am, however, sure that I like it for a reason I don't usually associate with Valentino.
Interesting texture in the dress, but the boots are the real knockout. I love this color, and I like how delicate the upper is. The show was full of these weird little eye-bands, which I think are interesting for their air of seeming accessibility. I could almost see wearing one, but...where? And for what?
Though I am anti-pantsuit, the ethereal feel of this look does have something special to it. The bodice in particular is gorgeous - the neutral colors and light fabrics make it look like the outfit is just barely swirling on to her.
I included this because it was awful. This is like...Dickensian waif meets consumptive urchin, with a dash of overtanned-elderly-Floridian-boob and completely incoherent color palette. At least the utter failure to match colors was continued in the model's chest/face makeup pairing.
This is better - I love the detailed fabricwork and the subdued green. The silhouette has something very 20s about it, but the fabric and particular detail updates it well. The shoes are particularly interesting. I think they look like plant leaves.
This seems like a direct test of the Josie Responds To Color First theory...I like the capey thing and all its pretty colors and the neutrals are just enough in tone and volume to balance it out. The blue eyeshadow is really interesting as well. That particular shade really draws out the rich tones of the rest of the outfit.
This, I enjoyed. It's the same color that was on the pretty boots above, and I just love the dramatic statement it makes. I even like the headband thingie.

I wish this collection had been...more.

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