Monday, March 22, 2010

Couture Week: Christian Dior

Christian Dior, routinely my favorite show, rebounded HARD from the last collection of lingerie and frippery that didn't do all that much for me. The love, she has been restored.
Let's begin with accepting that deep in my creepy little heart, I am a complete elitist who would rather spend my time patrolling my vast estate seated side-saddle or snidely rebuffing the lower classes, so this whole collection appeals to me on a certain level that has little to do with fashion. I love the outsized top hat and the lovely subdued plaid, to say nothing of the glorious red jacket. Plus, it includes a crop with which to whack the street urchins with!
More lovely grey plaid. I am not sure if this is intended as a dress or just as a coat but I'd wear either configuration in a heartbeat. I think this look may be the clearest "Hot Damn That Is Some Glorious Tailoring" demonstration of the's a relatively simple look but it fits perfectly.
More dramatics in the red/grey/black palette, but the most interesting part to me is the jacket. I like the combination of the cutaway front and side fall.
I hate these boots with this look, but I love the detail of the dress itself. I'm going through an intense Big Jewelry Phase, so the necklace is a big selling point here. I like the 1700's French influence and the inclusion of some of the transparency of fabric we saw in last year's couture show.
Big hair, big hair, oh I love big hair! GREAT shade of pink, with lovely detail on the jacket. More use of transparent fabrics to great effect.
Here we switch to deeper colors. I am all about teal these days, and I think it's lovely paired with the sweep of olive green. The coat reads very peacocky to me, I love it! The shoes are very cool too...I like when designers tinker with the fundamental shape of footwear.
Holy shit, yes please. If I owned this, I would never not be having a cocktail party. The amethyst color is spectacular, and the detailed brocade in the top sets it off perfectly. I will be starting a petition encouraging people to wear opera gloves more often (to be paired with my petition for the wearing of more hats).
I'm not sure how I feel about the swath of pink at the back of this, but the overall look is lovely. I kind of wish it was on a model with darker skin tone for more contrast, but I love the design itself enough that I can deal. The bustling of the skirt is gorgeous, and I love how sweet the bodice is.
This makes me want to get married again (after hitting the lottery), and given my general apathy in the direction of Wedding Things that's quite a statement.
Love the combo of shirt-dress, draped skirt and starry tulle on the underskirt! I usually hate this type of purple too, but contrasted with the darker shade underneath it's really lovely.
The detail in the skirt on this is magnificent. I really admire the work that goes in to these's so far beyond what normal humans are capable of. Seeing these seamstresses and tailors in action was one of the more interesting parts of Valentino: The Last Emperor. The designer may come up with the ideas, but the people who make those ideas come to life are just amazingly talented.
Ever wanted to wear a universe? Me too! It looks like people of a certain income bracket are actually able to. It takes a lot of skirt to balance out a hip bow like that, but damn if it doesn't get pulled off here. Amazing.