Monday, March 8, 2010

Couture Week: Chanel

Oh, Kaiser Lagerfeld, you surprise me! I fully admit that for the first couple looks, I was writing my review in my head, and it went something like "oh great, more f@#king pastel suits, glad to see Chanel continues to bore." But man, after those first few, the collection turned into sheer awesome, and the Chanel collection may be one of my favorites of the season. Bravo!
All the models were rocking these bouffy hairdos with the streaks of grey. Grey hair has been all over the runways this season, notably in Dior's couture collection, but I think Chanel was the house that used it to greatest effect. I also love these tights that most of the models were wearing. I picked this dress as representative of the pastel suits and dresses that comprised the first part of the show because it shows the pastel palette and the beautiful classic cut. Nice, but not necessarily that revolutionary.
I like all the crazy texture in play's really amazing that the crazy silver booties are the element that would tie so many outfits together, but here we are. I also like the silver half gloves.
I like the hard/soft dynamic in play here. The metallics give it real edge but the filmy feel of the dress itself is so sweet.
There's a very interesting shape about this dress, and although I'm not sure about the knee-level intersection, I like the overall effect.
Again, the hard/soft feeling is in play. I like the horizontal banding in conjunction with the soft, drapey middle. The capelet-esque thing adds an interesting background to the whole affair.
I have always enjoyed this kind of neckline for some reason - there was a red shirt I had in high school that had the same cut and I am serious when I say I wore that shit OUT - but there's an added interest in the elaborate piecing of the fabric and shoulders.
The best part of this collection had a very architectural feel to it, and this was the shot I chose as definitive of the whole. I love the rising wings on the shoulders, and the draping makes the whole look reminiscent of a grand building on the river. Love this, wish I could afford it.
I thought this was just classic beauty. The rosy draped section of satin is gorgeous, and even more so against the detailed, lacy section of the bodice and the accents at hip level.
There is such a thing as being too in to yourself, Kaiser.
I enjoyed the light, airiness of this look. I don't know if I love the boot version of the silver shoes but man do I love the top. The balance between the two is lovely, and overall I think it's very fairy tale.
I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE FOR LOVING THIS SUIT. I will, however, admir that said love is somewhat mysterious. The dress is beautifully over-the-top and is perhaps the ONLY garment that could balance the insanity that is this suit. I'm paying for the dinner, top-shelf booze and tickets to the show of the wearer's choice for the first man who takes me out while wearing ths get up.

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  1. I can't focus on the clothes because I'm somewhat distracted by the hair... It looks very Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.