Thursday, March 11, 2010

Couture Week: Jean Paul Gaultier

Well, Jean Paul Gaultier's collection felt a bit more up to date this year, but added a little bit of weird forced ethnic...situation.
I feel like you can incorporate ethnic elements without being all "SOMBRERO" everywhere. Also, leggings are not pants. But I do love the color and cut of the jacket, and the boots are gorgeous. I even like the leggings/tights, I just don't like them in their role as pants.
I hate most things about this, but I wanted to share these pants with you. There were a couple versions of them, but the wackiness is most evident here. I get the chaps reference, but it seems really obvious and forced. I do not hate the shirt, though I do hate the vest. Said shirt could be used to great effect in something that is not this.
I thought this was an interesting shredded-up mantilla concept. I kind of like the skirt-pants-fringe situation...normally I hate the idea of catsuits but I think this one's really interesting and not aggressively catsuit-y.
I love this suit. I don't know who could wear it, or to what, but it is GORGEOUS. That being said, I want to burn the sombrero along with the rest of them.
This reminds me of Austin Scarlett's cornhusk dress. I think this is cool as hell and I'm so glad he left the damn sombreros out of it. There's real artistry here....I love that the center section is woven and then it all goes nuts at the top and the bottom.
I LOVE this crazy headdress and the shoulder and leg armor. For some reason, I want to wear this all the damn time. I feel like I would accomplish more if I transacted my life in fashionable armor. The dress is unfortunately reminiscent of that sparkly fabric EVERYTHING was made of in the 90s, but I feel the armor makes up for it.
I love the insane laser cut detailing. The muted color palette makes it so much more interesting. Once again, I love the hardware...the big chunky bracelets in particular are awesome.
I feel like this is the kind of thing not accessible to normal humans, but Rhianna would rock it. The detailing is fascinating and I love the rich colors.
More fascinating hardware, though I don't necessarily want the head...situation. I love the rich purple with the silver, and the whole effect is gorgeous even if it doesn't bear imagining what is required to get into it.
Does anyone know who this human is? She appears to be a singer of some kind, but I do not recognize her. I think this is the only look in which the sombrero coheres, and I love how the bodice references beautiful Mexican embroidery. Super dramatic, and a great way to close the show. I think the choice of all red was a smart really draws out the detail.

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