Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Couture Week: Givenchy

Givenchy had some beautiful stuff with hideous, hideous styling. I am so ready for some models who don't look depressed or angry...shouldn't clothing make you feel happy?
I love how this transitions into the feathers. The cut of the suiting is perfect, but the feathery accents and the transparent panel make it more exciting. WHY WOULDN'T YOU BE HAPPY IN THIS??
This would be awesome in any color. I think leaving the center section mostly unruffled makes it a really interesting dress. I also like these particular ruffles.
Every time a big designer uses hats in their collection, I get all excited thinking people are going to start wearing hats again, and then they don't and I'm sad. Givenchy had a lot of these weird circular hats, which I didn't like that much, but they were MOST interesting with the lace. I like the type of lace used in this dress, and the detailing in the bodice is gorgeous.
I'm not sure if this is a pantsuit or a dress, but strangely enough, I like it. Really beautiful patterning.
We face the perils of this hiring pasty, angry models policy in play here...this dress would be gorgeous on someone against whose skin you could actually see the upper bodice section. I'm not sure I love the slit in this piece, but I like the funky ruffling a lot.
THIS one gets it right, I think. Zoe Saldana wore this to the Oscars and it looked gorgeous on her skin. I guess it wasn't very popular but I thought it was perfect for her - really pretty and fun, but a nice funky choice for a young actress. I love the tiered ruffles so much!
There were a bunch of weird pantsuits along this line, but I thought this was the mot effective one. I don't actually like pantsuits, but I do like the very graphic effect of the mostly-sheer top and the crazy fabric on the bottom.

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