Sunday, February 21, 2010

Project Runway: Run for Cover

This week's challenge asked the designers to come up with a look for Heidi Klum to wear on the cover of Marie Claire. Some Anonymous Internet Person commented that they were surprised that it had taken so long for PR to get to this kind of challenge, and I have to have Heidi, you have Ninagarcia...shouldn't this have come to pass before?? In any case, it was a fun challenge with real stakes, which always amps up the intensity.
Anthony was the winner with this cute little number in a pretty, icy blue. He hit just the right color, with enough visual interest for a cool cover that doesn't overwhelm the model. I still want to smack him a lot of the time, but the outfit is terrific! I like the funky bracelet too.
Anna got the boot for this. I have no complaints, that shit is depressing. The sad little jacket...the limp details on the shirt...the snoozetastic hair? Ugh. I want to go cry alone in the rain just looking at it.
Amy made this beautiful dress despite the Marie Claire lady specifically saying they didn't like print, but...wouldn't you buy a magazine with this dress on it? The shoes are not great but I love the fabric and the little detail on the bodice. Really lovely, and I wish I could own it. Well, I say I want to, but those hemlines always look weird on me. The long corners create a quasi-arrow of leg that seems to be yelling "LOOK AT MY VAGINA" and while I can rock a lot of things, I cannot rock that.
Ben's dress was rightfully praised; I'm guessing that the judges zeroed right in on this one and Anthony's and spent most of their time trying to figure out how the hell they could pick just one. I love the color palette - especially the luscious yellow - and the cut is really beautiful. The styling is hideous, because that is the theme this season apparently, but the dress is a knockout. This is another one I would buy in a heartbeat.
Emilio continues to not really get it. This is pretty in a way (a ballerina way, specifically) but it's not enough for a magazine cover. The neckline is really wonky for me. I want to say that it's too low, but I think it might be the shape of it as well. Whatever it is, it's not working for me, and that didn't change even when they had him get rid of those little snippits on the shoulders. Also...I didn't notice this when the episode aired, but WTF is with those SHOES? It's like "ballerina, ballerina, ballerina, WOW SHORT, ballerina, PUNK."
Janeane Marie was probably thinking the shot for the cover would be waist up, and I commend her for thinking of that, but you can't just stop the interest after the expected cutoff on a photo. If she had worked in the teal at the bottom of the dress it might be more coherent but it's just kind of bland. The movement was pretty and she might have been on to something with the colors, but the end result wasn't what it could have been.
Jay Nicolas should have picked a different color. It wouldn't have won him the challenge, most likely, but it would have gotten him further up in the ranks. As Rich said, "maybe if it was a video he would have won." The movement on this was beautiful and I was glad that the editors included a side shot as it was moving down the runway...freakin' poetry in motion right there. I wonder what kind of fabric he used. Nice work from Jay.
Jesse came up with this fairly severe number...I think it might be more interesting than it seems at first glance, but first glance is what you base your magazine purchases on. This is a great dress for going out, but not quite the right genre for a Marie Claire cover. I do like the weaving/patterning on the midsection!
Jonathan put this one on deck. I'm having a really hard time getting past the 70s rollerskating shorts, but the more I look at it the more I like it. Check out the pretty twisted belt thinger going on there! To be honest, I don't know how great it would be on Heidi - I think it might wash her out - but it's a sweet, clear look.
Maya's dress was a complete snore. I think she was another one thinking of a waist up shot, or at least I HOPE she was. Unfortunately, the top isn't that interesting either. I like the structure of it, but the colors are awful. The hemline is gross too. It reminds me of those jean skirts that people used to wear where you basically cut a pair of jeans open and then sewed a panel between the legs. Not a good memory.
Mila's dress looked like it was from a challenge where you had to make a dress out of your shapewear. This is most disappointing because it would have been really cool in some better colors. Again, I still don't know that it would have made it a winner, but it would have improved the situation.
Seth Aaron at least has a client...Trinity from the Matrix. I get what he's going for here but with the small pops of color it's just very unbalanced and way too severe. It looks like it's well made but it's just not that great designwise.

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  1. Anna's model manages to look tubby in that one, which given the typical model should be all that needs to be said.
    Amy's model looks a bit like my 3-year-old daughter after she goes to the bathroom and comes out oblivious to the fact that the front of her dress is tucked into her panties. Except, of course, that it's not cute on an adult.