Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Makeup Is Easy: NeoPreppy

TRUE LIFE: I like wearing black, but I wear it more than my like level because sometimes I leave myself no other option.

I have never seen the TRUE LIFE show so I don't know if I'm using the reference properly - from what I understand, it is lacking at least a controlled substance and possibly prostitution - but the fact is certainly true. I have a mental block about makeup where I convince myself that good makeup is good makeup regardless and goes with everything. This is often true but not always true, because sometimes said good makeup is aggressive dark pink.

*Please see bottom of post for important makeup-based announcement*
I basically finished this look, started thinking about clothes, realized I was stuck and went looking for a black shirt. I figured I could play off the traditional prepster pink/green combo by throwing this Stormy Sea necklace from Anthropologie over it. It also turned my eyes super green all day.
I used She Space pigments for this whole look: the darker pink is Valley Girl (I think), the lighter pink is Takes the Cake, and the white highlight at the browline is Snow Capped. I finished it with Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes mascara. I also took special care to keep the pinks off my lower lid and lashline to avoid the consumptive look. It's not the Victorian era anymore, people.
I am very sad to inform you that The She Space is discontinuing its eyeshadow pigments. Heather, the awesome woman who runs The She Space, wants to focus on one section of the business, something called Hope Quest which deals with quads of eyeshadows for a cause. I really hope she doesn't completely stop making eyeshadows, because they are without question the best ones I have ever used. All of her inventory is on sale for $2.50 a color, which is essentially free, especially for the quality of the makeup. Head on over and get yourself some. Best of luck to Heather on her new project!

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