Thursday, February 25, 2010

Project Runway: A Little Bit of Fashion

The challenge: to make an outfit for a little girl and one to match for her mom.

Question: Did the designers act like little bitches about having to design for someone who is not a size 00 model?

Answer: Kind of. Lots of comments about not liking children, etc. However, they got their acts together eventually and did just fine.
Seth Aaron won the challenge while being extremely cute about his own daughter and how proud she would be of him, which made it that much better. I actually didn't love the little girl outfit - it seemed kind of generic to me - but WHOA Mom Outfit. The motorcycle jacket as freaking gorgeous and I even liked the pants. I love the patterning and the uberflattering cut. I WANT it.
Janeane Marie lost for creating a lot of unflattering junk. I can't really argue with the aufing, but I will say I didn't think the little girl's outfit was so bad, just kind of boring.
Amy got reamed on these pants, but I have to admit that I kind of like them. A couple people have suggested that a different color combo would have helped but I actually like the coral and teal look. It seems very Floridian to me...which might explain my affinity for them, actually, since I'm thinking about my upcoming Florida vacation. The little girl's outfit, however, was quite atrocious, and I thought so even before I saw that the leggings end in a RUFFLE. Dodged a bullet there, Amy my love.
Anthony didn't go as matchy-matchy as the other designers and what the combo lacks in coherence it makes up for in cuteness. The mom dress is a little boring (and the styling is effing disgusting. You couldn't have WASHED her hair???) but it's well made and fits beautifully. The little girl's dress is very sweet, and I like the fairly sophisticated print on the bodice. It's a nice effect and the model seemed to like it.
Ben didn't match either but this was much rougher. The little girl looks like she's wearing a costume for some production of a Dickensian work with that washed out color and shapeless cut. The Mom skirt is nice but the top is weirdly blocky and I don't think I like it, even though I do enjoy the color palette.
Emilio produced a superchic look for the Mom and a very cute little dress for the girl. I love the classic dress with the funky assymetrical neckline on the adult model. The little girl's dress is sweet but I wish it had been closer fitted in the bodice and more lively in the skirt. Solid effort and frankly the first "WOW" piece from Emilio.
Jay Nicolas did some nice work here. I liked the casual look he offered up, and the ruffly detailing looked great. The little girl's outfit is funky and although I was initially horrified because I thought the pockets were cutouts, now that I know they are in fact pockets they are a neat idea. I could probably live without the scarf, but it's not a look killer.
Jesse came up with this cute Madeline-on-Crack look and I thought it was just great. I appreciate that he took a very classic, school-uniformy look and instead of having to completely revolutionize it, he just skewed it a little bit so it's still recognizable. Love it. The Mom outfit is amazing too...the tailoring is stunning and the design is wonderful. I love the color palette, too!
Jonathan got slammed harder than I thought necessary. I think there's a little dissonance between the intent of the two garments; the Mom looks like she's going to a fancy cocktail party, while the daughter looks like she's going to a pretty standard kid birthday. I think the Mom dress would have gotten more props if it wasn't white. The little girl's bolero is probably unnecessary but I actually think that the dress is really sweet and I love the sunny yellow.
Maya made a very little-kid-y kid outfit, which was plenty cute but not really exceptional. The Mom pants were similarly cute-but-boring, but the jacket was very cool. I wish it wasn't a midriff-baring jacket, however. The shoes on Mom are teriffic with the outfit.
Mila went over cutesy on the little's like some kind of nightmare 101 Dalmatian/Flintstones hybrid. The Mom's jacket looks like a freaking tent, and the only thing even INTERESTING is the pair of leggings...and those make her legs look huge. Bad news all around.

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  1. This backs up my theory that designers have gotten lazy when it comes to challenging body types.