Monday, March 24, 2008

I See Your Weirdness, And Raise You Dementia.

So, the State sponsored gambling concept is dead in the water. Too bad, given the jobs it would bring to Massachusetts (fact, though how many jobs is of course unknown) and the money it would bring to Massachusetts' beleaguered finances (fact, though the amount is of course unknown).

So here's the gambling is coming to Our Fair Commonweath, no matter what Speaker Sal DiMasi has to say about it.

The Wampanoag tribe, having gotten their paperwork in order with the Feds, can now open casinos. They've already gotten the ball rolling and are looking out in Middleborough (I think?) for a location.

Did you catch that?

There are going to be casinos, but instead of reaping the lion's share of the benefits, the State would prefer to spend its time inhaling the fumes emanating from the casino. HIGH FUCKING FIVE, YOU IDIOTS.

Look, I understand the arguments that DiMasi's been pushing, and a lot of people seem to think that the second a casino opens its doors, we're all going to start drinking from 9 to 5, driving like assholes, raping, killing, looting and pillaging. Plus, apparently the Scourge of Addiction will get all of us - even the CHILDREN oh God won't someone think of the children and the old people with their Keno - in its clutches and squish us until we are nothing but goo.

Does this happen, like, anywhere in the world, ever?

And furthermore, how about some fucking personal responsibility? Can no one think for him or herself any more? Have we really sunk so low that the mere existance of a casino unleashes all the lurking vices in our souls? And are we to presume that within all of us, there is a teensy little gambler, banging their fists on our spleen, waiting for that precious day when the casino arrives when it can be free to piss away our savings and fuck some prostitutes? Do we really need the government to save us from the big bad casino so we aren't tempted by vice? If that's what DiMasi and his supporters think about me and the people in my life - that we're a bunch of weenies just chomping at the bit for a chance to break under the pressure - then quite frankly I think DiMasi and Co. are a bunch of presumptuous douchebags, is what I think.

And Jesus, Mary and Joseph, am I really supposed to buy that the potential danger of the casino seriously outweighs the danger of a budget about to crumple under the weight of No Child Left Behind's unfunded mandates, out of control healthcare and pension benefit costs for State employees, a budget that would probably get on its knees and start weeping if handed the proceeds of a Kindergarden bake sale?

I just think this is an utter disaster, infantilizes the entire goddamn state, and is horrible financial policy. And as soon as the Wampanoags' open their doors, I'm printing up a "This One's For You, DiMasi" shirt, and taking my ass off to blow what I SHOULD be paying in state taxes.

And then I'll pee on his shoe.

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