Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cavalli Descends From The Heavens, Judges Fashion

I must say, they have really done a fabulous job this season of matching judges with challenges. I mean, they hadn't even finished saying Richie Rich's name before I sat right up and went "Heatherette! Oh my god, OF COURSE!!" Then we had to have a time out so I could show Rich why they were perfect for the WWE Challenge. Cavalli was perfect for the art challenge, I get the sense that he approaches design in EXACTLY that same way - as art first and body covering second. Fabulous.

The judges this season have been perfect. As you said, Cavalli's presence on the show made me nearly shit myself. For someone who has the absolute right to be a complete fashion snobbish bastard, he totally endeared himself to me by being complementary and sweet. I now love him with every fiber of my being.

The Challenge: Go to the MFA and get yoself inspired, art style.
Winner: Christian
Aufed: Sweet P
Christian...boy that sucker is fast. MAN. For the detail and sheer VOLUME of his designs, I have no idea how he manages to get it all together so quickly. This, once again, was not really up my street so much, but was total Fashion and looked fantastic. And jesus, what was it, a million pieces?? Two seasons in a row with people who have a total mastery of skintight-but-not-raunchy pants...why can't this be made to happen on a mass market scale? I assume because fit like that is a bespoke area and because people cannot be trusted, but still. Damn. Fantastic, really reminiscent of the painting without being derivative, and as usual, flawlessly executed. Well, Christian proves again that he can do just about anything. I love that he has the speed and talent to detail his clothes so much. The shirt was fantastic! I also love it when he wears the things he makes. It's adorable. He's my favorite to win at this point. The cape type thing was so cool, and yeah, the pants are magical. Go crazy boy lady!
Rami...this dress is beautiful. It is also 100% an example of why Rami should and can not win this competition. They are looking for an innovator and someone who is fairly revolutionary...and Rami cannot haul his obnoxious self out of his little draping box. Again - this is gorgeous! The color, the styling, the whole affect of it...fabulous. He just can NOT get himself out of the same gear he is always in. This was clearly the challenge to amp up whatever you usually go nuts and completely over the top. However, this is exactly the same amount of dressy, exactly the same amount of drama...he doesn't put out a single different thing! I nearly shit kittens when he wasn't aufed. When they called Chris as in I shoved my fists in the air and yelled "YES," half because Chris was in and half because Rami was out. Well, we were all so thrilled that we thought Rami was out that we actually missed the part where they said he wasn't really out because we were cheering so loudly. True story. While I do love the color and agree that the dress is pretty, I can't help but be a little worried about the way the fabric drapes on her hips. I'm sorry, but if you manage to make an itsy bitsy model look hippy, what the hell am I going to look like in your clothes? Rami is a good designer, but he's truly a boring one.
Sweet P...another case of Not Enough Drama. This was a total free pass for these guys, and again, we get a kind of hippy-ish, unfinished looking schlump fest. I don't know if I just have developed some kind of block on Sweet P's stuff, but I really don't like it, and this was weird and lame. I can't even get a good hate on though. I don't know. Blah. Oh Sweet P, WTF? I just don't get it. When she picked the peacock painting I was like, "Oh man, she can create so much drama with that!" And then she did this. Buh bye, Sweets.
Jillian...I am now so sick of those shoes I cannot BREATHE! God. Loved this look though..the jacket as always is fab, and the gold dress is just perfect. Again, representative without being derivative. It also kind of carried the military feel in a modern way while still being a close relative of the actual armor in the painting. I just think she really did a great job. I would shank most of my family gladly for one of her coats. They are magnificent. Jillian is phenomenal...I really loved this look. I was kind of worried when I saw all that gold lame but she really made it look classy. So pretty. I am in total agreement with you about the coats too. They are always gorgeous.

Chris...I thought this was just beautiful, though I would have liked to see more color. I know he was going for the same vibe as the portrait, which I think he did perfectly, but it just doesn't fill my need for color! This and the en garde dress, I would have really liked to see in some amazing color. I mean, imagine if the Chris/Christian dress mated with like...Jay McCarroll's final Bryant Park dress in the graduated pinks and purples. Heaven. I get what they were saying about the similarity in shoulder...brackets or whatever the hell, but I also think that a.) this is different, though related, and b.) it perfectly fits the portrait. It really seemed to to me that this looked like an updated version of the dress in the painting, and I think that's cool. It also shows that Chris can do sophistication, which makes me happy, since you KNOW they have not been able to rid themselves of the idea of that portfolio of his. I kind of felt as though they were unfairly picking on Chris because of the couture look. If you look at the picture that he chose, this certainly echoes that. It's not like he chose something unrelated and then knocked off the couture look! I do see the similarities, but there is a reason for it. I actually kind of like the muted tones on this one. It is absolutely stunning and I lurve it. Also, trying to forget a large man in drag is kind of hard.

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