Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bryant Park Collections: Sweet P

Okay! So I figure that in order to draw this out and thus shorten the PR offseason as much as possible, we could go collection by collection.

First thing I want to say overall is that I was kind of surprised how dark everything was in everyone's collections! Everything was really sad looking. I expected a lot of color and joy but there was really none of that to be had anywhere.

So here's Sweet P's final collection (if you think I'm not doing all of them you are a crazy person).
To me this has some fit issues in the bodice and generally a lot going on. That being said, I like the colors, though I'm not sure if I'm ready to sign on completely. The buttons can take a hike, and I think I hate the neckline, but somehow I don't hate the whole look. It's a weird sensation and I'm not sure what to do with it. I do kind of dig on the colors, but I think the gold that she used it a little too dark. I love the purple though. It is weird, but as you said, not terrible. I'm having a hard time finding words to describe this.
Unfortunately I can't really see what is going on with that jacket, because what I CAN see of it looks cute, but the dress is nice. I like the dress' piping, and this is the most I have ever liked those funky pockets (I THINK they're pockets anyway) she does. It's an unusual silhouette and a cute look overall, so I'm down. It's really cute, and even the pockets don't make the model look huge. It's well made and is using that pretty purple again, so I'll give it a thumbs up. Ditto on the jacket, but what's with the weird yellow again?
Wow. I'm not ready to sign off on the stripes, but the pants seem remarkably well made for what we've seen from Sweet P. I think the jacket is actually pretty cute, and the ruffly thing is fine, though I would prefer it in more of a creamy shade with the colors she's got going on here. I like the hat, but not with the outift, and I am not having the socks/tights with open shoes. If you want to work that combo, they'd better be tights, and they'd better be a spicy color or pattern, otherwise you're just another Dad In Socks and Sandals. I like this suit. It's really funky. I think that the combination of items here makes it way too busy. The shirt, the hat, the shoes and the socks make it all too much. She could have made this look really chic and I think she tried to make it kind of edgy but it just doesn't work.
Now THIS I like. The stripey fabric looks great here and the shoes/tights/whatever issue has been resolved. Not sure I love the lower sleeves but it's not enough to make me hate it so that's a plus. Pretty cute overall, I think. I really like this one too. See how much prettier it is when it's kept simple? I don't like the lower sleeves either. I think this is a stunning look. I would love to wear something like this to work.
I'm definitely not ready to add THIS variety of cape to my wardrobe, but as a complete look I weirdly like this? The use of textures between the cape and dress is really nice, and I bet this looked really great moving down the runway. I am having hat issues AGAIN with this, although this time I think I hate the hat qua the hat also, rather than liking the hat but not with the outfit. Yikes...a little costumey to me. I wish I could see more of the dress because the fabric looks really pretty. The cape is a little too much. The way she's pulling these outfits together is a little schizo, no? The hat killed this, I think.
I really love the styling on this. I don't know how I feel about the tights...they aren't really doing it for me. But I like the slightly punky but polished effect of the dress, and with the shock of blonde hair up top it's a super cute outfit. The gloves make sense, though I think I would pass on them personally. I agree about the's an awesome look. I don't like it, particularly but as a look it's dead on. (FYI - I absolutely HATE plaid in any way, shape or form.)
Okay yeah no. Those two fabrics do not make sense. I have 2 words for this outfit - fucking stupid.
Kind of hard to see any detail, which I assume is there. The silhouette looks fine, but the zipper or piping or whatever the hell is going down the middle there reminds me of old people's velour leisurewear. I can only assume that's not what she was going for. It's a little weird, boring and dark for me. I can't really say anything else about this.
Again with the hat!! I'm not sure I totally love this dress but it's definitely something saleable and cute, and yet HERE WE ARE with the stupid hat. It's a little like Kara Janx's insane knitted/felted/hairballed hats. It's a sophisticated dress with a clunky weird hat on top, and it's not working. The dress is pretty boring. The accessories are terrible. Do you want us to look at the dress or the hat? Yuck.
THIS I think is totally cute, even the color, which is in a family I don't usually go for. The shape is interesting and the detailing at the neck really makes it. I also like the shoes particularly with this, though she used them a lot and I enjoy them in general as well. Ok, this is so pretty. It's easy, feminine and very polished. And look, no stupid fucking hats or gloves!
I feel like she's ON to something here? But there's too much looseness in the skirt to highlight the cool print, which I think is the way to go. That kind of straight-lined, vaguely deco-y print needs to go with a structured piece, not something that's all floaty. Hate the gloves with it, but cool neckline/bodice. I kind of like this one too...I think the problem is that the piece of fabric that's attached to the bodice is too wide. It's very boob-dividing which isn't good. It throws off the proportions. Lose the gloves, keep the tights and this is almost a winner.
Where the hell did this color set come from? Did it mosey over from Christian's show? Pretty blah to me, nothing special. ZZZZZzzzzz...oh wait, this is the last piece? Uh, um...zzzzzzzzzzzz.

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