Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Am So Organized

I know this will be amazing for everyone, but I have in fact accomplished more wedding planning, so I will once again share it with you. First order of business: my bridesmaids are awesome and have great taste. I told them that I didn't care what kind of shoes they got as long as they were comfy and some form of orange, and the three (AHEM, Ash and Cecilie) who have bought shoes have all rocked it out. Observe.

Celia (who will doubtless come at me all "eww you put pictures of my unpainted toenails on your blog whyyyyy"...cram it, lady, your feet will never attain my level of grossness and callousy creepiness) went with a pair of sandals from J.Crew that are totally cute and which she got on some kind of super sale for like $5. I am not usually pro-bows-on-shoes but the size and angle of these make them really cool.
The Lucy picked out these foxy sandals from Enzo Angiolini on Amazon. I love the brightness of the color, and the Enzos I have owned personally have always been comfy and great, so these should work out really well. I find it really interesting to see each woman's personality come out in the shoe's one of my favorite things (aesthetically anyway) about this whole planning process. Also on the favorite list: the fact that my wedding allows me to guilt my awesomest girlfriends into accumulating more or less at my whim. I'm gonna get married ALL the time! (Somewhere, Rich just had a spasmodic twitch for reasons unbeknownst to him.)
I probably don't even need to say that my sister picked these out, but yep, these are hers. I give her props for not only meeting the orange requirement (I don't know about the comfort requirement, but I do have faith in Sarah's heel-wearing abilities) but also for matching the color of the dresses almost exactly. I like the detail of the red platform and heel, too. These came from Amazon, too.
As a segue into bride stuff (via picture) from bridesmaid stuff (via intent), I love the idea of these little pendants used as bouquet danglies. They are of course from OliviaMoon, from whence my beautiful Alphonse Mucha pendant came. What a neat idea! I like them for all of our bouquets, so provided money and memory endure, I'll likely order up a bunch of initially goodness for everyone.
I ordered this jewelry set from BellaMink designs, and it arrived's seriously stunning and I totally love it. I ordered it up with a vague idea that it might work for the wedding, but now that I have the set in hand, there's no way I'm not wearing it. I am not usually one for pearls BUT as we know, I am a sucker for great color. I love the colors in this, and it will let me kind of nod to the more traditional in a way that works for me.
Our involvement with hockey in Worcester has brought a lot of great friends and acquaintances, but one of the somewhat depressing side effects of being involved with a minor league team is that the players and their significant others are much more likely to leave town eventually. The woman behind BellaMink is named Cristina, and she is the wife of one of the guys who came through Worcester. She was an absolute joy to be around while they were in town, and she recently started up this jewelry line, every single piece of which I totally covet. While she and her husband have moved on to a different team and city, it's absolutely fantastic to see her doing something with her clear talent and being so generous as to share her pieces with the wider world. Do yourself a favor and take a moment to toodle around her store, particularly since the Statement Necklace is Back and all that.

Finally, this decision was made earlier on, but these are our Save the Date cards (well, sans text...nothing personal, but I don't really want The Internet showing up at my wedding unannounced). There's this whole thing where I don't really give a crap about Save the Dates, but Rich has been all "well people DO STUFF on the Fourth of July so no one's gonna come," so needless to say I get all "I don't know what kind of crappy friends YOU have but my friends love me and they will come, and also a wedding is like a barbeque only way better and with more booze," and long story short we're doing the damn cards. Fine. However, I will say that I had a totally brilliant idea which resulted in these cards. The design is one that my Mom did. Yes, she is ridiculously talented, this is nothing on her watercolors or pottery, and it's extremely goddamn galling to be around someone who you can give, like, engine grease, some chewed gum, and a duck and who will then return to you some kind of frameable art. She drew this for my birth announcement, and I thought it not only was really cute but also that using the same design for my wedding lent a certain nice continuity to my Major Life Events.


  1. I like Lucy's shoes, they are tre awesome.
    You need to send me some photos rocking those shoesies I sent ya.

  2. I like the pic of the unpainted toenails.