Friday, August 13, 2010

Makeup Is Easy: Don't It Make Your Brown Eyes Green

I'm starting to feel a little bit like an OPI nail polish titler at this point with the Makeup Is Easy posts, but I haven't really run out of horrible weird puns, so that's...good? Not sure. YOU DECIDE!!!!

In any case, you can see here that I went with a pretty basic green eye. I forewent the eye liner because I wasn't feeling up to it. I've been rocking the liquid liner lately because it hangs in there better in summertime, but it is kind of a process to get it so it doesn't look like you did your face with Sharpie. You can see how effective just a simple eyeshadow plus mascara can be, though:
I encourage any and all readers to just abandon foundation et al for day in the summer. It's just too much work to have it melt off midday and the odds of your skin looking better in summer are huge. A little sunshine - filtered through sunscreen - will cover all manner of sins. Don't sweat it and go with easy makeup that doesn't disappear.

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