Thursday, August 19, 2010

Josie's Closet: Melissa Skeleton Shoes

I'm completely addicted to melissa shoes - this is my fourth pair of them and I just. cannot. stop. On the upside, they're made from recycled plastics, the byproducts of which are 100% cleaned, disposed of and used in-house, so I guess if I have to have a habit, it should be connected to a good...cause?

Shut up, it's what's letting me sleep at night.

Anyway, I got these fantastic shoes from Ideeli. They're a collaboration between melissa and Alexandre Herchcovitch, but I bought them because the rib-cage-esque toe box reminded me of Alexander McQueen's skeletal motifs and particularly the luggage collection he did with Samsonite. Yeah, that's where my brain went.
I love the sculptural molding that the plastic allows. I am particularly enamoured of the way the curve of my instep looks in shoes (this explains the number of d'orsay pumps I own), and I love the way this curves right with me on the outside.
They are long, but it's nice to have them in the plastic since I usually brutalize the tips of pointy shoes. I also hope this clears up some important questions for the people who always - always, always, always, WITHOUT CEASING - ask me if my pointy shoes hurt my feet because "your toes have to go up in there." For the eighty billionth time, the toes do not go all the way up. That is not how anatomy works.

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