Thursday, August 5, 2010

Josie's Closet: Teal Carlos Santana Sandals

I have a couple pair of Carlos Santana shoes...

...yes, that Carlos Santana. No, I don't get it either. [NB: Yes, I am aware there is better Santana out there, but those clips are notably lacking in foxy, foxy Rob Thomas.] Anyway, as I was saying, I have a couple pairs of his shoes and I don't know what madness translates smokin' guitar into some of the best womens shoes on the market, but whatever it is, I like it. I recently picked up these sandals and as usual, they are a marvel of beauty and comfort.
Let's get real about my feet here for a minute - they are somewhat problematic. My pinkie toes roll in, my toenails have weird shapes and perhaps most importantly, they're size tens, which apparently means "nun shoes" to the fashion industry. These shoes make my feet look great, and that's the best part of all.

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