Friday, June 4, 2010

Makeup Is Easy: Clubbing in Tokyo

I got a Visa gift card from work for my graduation and surprise, surprise, I wound up using it to hit up Sephora. I actually did use it to go out to dinner and such, but I had about $40 left over and decided to use some of that to pick up the Sephora Collection ColorPlay 5-in-1 Pallette, which has five different color stories in one handy box. Each little panel pops out and fits into the included portable compact. How smart is that? I'll wait here while you go order one.
You could be set for life with this selection of colors, and it includes gadgets! Totally fun, and they also include little tutorials on each look on the Sephora website. I tried out the "Clubbing in Tokyo" look suggested on the site because it matched the new M.A.C. Superglass lip gunk I got in Totally Bang! which is also excellent, though I admit I do not like the glitter in it as much as I like the Dazzleglass for everyday wear. That being said, I will be wearing the SHIT out of that Superglass when I go to Lady Gaga July 2nd with THE LUCY!

(There is not a single element of that sentence that isn't 100 times more awesome than anything else in the world [with the exception of Rich who is awesome and snagged the tix for us as a graduation present].)

Seriously you guys, I'm going to be wearing the draggiest, most cracked out makeup ever for that concert and I've been seriously considering how to make a phone hairpiece out of an old wig of mine.


Anyway, Clubbing in Tokyo.
The COLOR of the Superglass is primo and as usual M.A.C. is the shit. You can also see my new haircut, courtesy of Ali who was cutting hair as a fundraiser for the US Social Forum in Detroit. Badass, is it not?
I used the green on the lid and topped it with a strong pink, with some serious sparkle action to blend, then finished with Aqua Smoky Lash.

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